Feast of Sacrifice (Qurban)

Feast of Sacrifice (Qurban), JAVA BALI

"Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, labbaika la syarika laka labbaik inna al hamda wa an ni'mata laka wa al mulk la syarika laka."


Soon Muslims will meet again with Eid al-Adha (July 31, 2020) The big day is also known as the Feast of Sacrifice (Qurban), and is always welcomed with great joy. This moment is used by Muslims by carrying out the sacrificial sunnah worship, they spend part of their wealth with goats and cows to slaughter. Meat from the slaughter is not enjoyed by itself, but is distributed to others, especially those in need.

Eid al-Adha 1441 Hijri, in 2020, the Java Private Tour with the Responsible Tourism and Charity program would like to invite you to contribute to Indonesia by Qurban, and fulfill the commands of Allah Ta'ala by giving totality in sacrifices with the best Qurban. In the midst of the 19th Covid Pandemic period, it would be nice for us to be encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters by presenting the best sacrificial animals.

Java Private Tour also provides good quality Qurban animals, sourced from local Indonesian breeders, and also our trusted breeding partners, so in addition to carrying out qurban worship, you can also help empower local breeders in Indonesia, God willing, sacrificial animals in Indonesia mandated and sent by you and philanthropists throughout the world can be conveyed to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Indonesia, which is then slaughtered in Indonesia. This is a commitment from the Java Private Tour Responsible Tourism and Charity that will always be ready to send the Qurban mandate from all corners of the world.

Choose your Qurban Animal :

✓Goat weighs 23-28 kilograms

✓Goat weighs 29-34 kilograms

✓Goats weigh > 35 kilograms

✓Limosin Cow 300 kilograms

✓Limosin Cow 350 kilograms

✓Limosin Cow 400 kilograms

✓Premium Cow 500-600 kilograms


Distributed to areas that really need it.
Poor, underdeveloped, and inland areas. Who have never enjoyed Qurban meat. Disaster and conflict prone areas.

Quality Qurban Animals.
It is appropriate to be sacrificed according to Islamic law, and through a trusted Quality Control process.

Extremely Transparent Qurban Report.
You will get a complete sacrifice report, and will always be updated when Eid al-Adha.

Food Welfare
Your Qurban is distributed to various regions that have never enjoyed sacrificial meat.

Empowering Indonesian Breeders.
Your Qurban helps empower local Indonesian farmers to be more independent and spread goodness.

Best Qurban when humanity is tested by Allah with a Covid-19 pandemic, the economy collapses, earning a living is increasingly difficult to find, and daily needs are difficult to meet, then the meat of the Qurban becomes a delicacy to look forward to.

When the opportunity for Hajji and Umroh must be postponed, for the sake of health and mutual benefit, then the Qurban is increasingly relied on the path of Taqwa.

When Allah continues to provide sustenance in the midst of world economic misery, the Qurban expresses our thanks.

When many of our brothers and sisters experience termination of employment, entrepreneurs are out of business, farmers are moping, then together with the Java Private Tour Responsible Tourism and Charity Qurban we make the solution.

Eid al-Adha this time will feel special, in the midst of this new normal Era is not a moment of despair, so the best Qurban can be the key to blessing. Establish prayer because of Allah, and Qurban.

Yes our Rabb is coming, We fulfill your call there is no ally for you to welcome Allah holy call only.

While there is enough time, opportunity and fortune, don't delay our Qurban this year!  Strong intentions, move on charity, and contact us through the phone numbers and whatsapps listed on this website, or can directly talk with our live chat service to prepare your best Qurban this year.


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