Fish Cracker

Fish Cracker, Lampung

Lampung is a province that is located at the very tip of Sumatra Island, and is quite famous for its very exotic beach tourism, the position of Lampung province which is directly adjacent to the Sunda Strait and Sea Of Java makes this province has beautiful beaches, including : Mutun Beach which is very famous for its white sand, then there is Tangkil Island which has traditional huts designs made of thatch,bamboo and coconut trees typical of beach houses which are perfect for enjoying the scenery around the beach, and if you like diving activities and like exploring coral reefs and beautiful marine life, then Pahawang Beach can be an option that Java Private Tour recommends for your adventure.

Apart from its exotic beaches, Lampung Province also has a very famous National Park, namely the Way Kambas National Park, which is a Protection Park for elephant animals that is managed directly by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Not only famous for its coastal tourism and national parks, Lampung Province is also famous for its unique culinary delights and is different from other regions, the culinary is very unique, there are sweet, savory, spicy to unique flavors in this province. The following are culinary recommendations from the Java Private Tour that are typical of Lampung Province, which are guaranteed to make you addicted, please see the following reviews.

Fish crackers or commonly called Kemplang, for those of you who like crunchy food made from fish, it's a good idea to try kemplang which is one of the specialties of the city of Lampung Province. These crackers are original food from Lampung Province, which is very suitable when eaten with a poke of black chili paste with a sweet and spicy sensation, and has an aroma and taste that can provoke an appetite. The process of making kemplang is quite easy, namely by cooking the kemplang by burning it. For those of you who are reducing oily or fried foods, it is highly recommended to try this kemplang. This kemplang has a very tasty taste and can arouse the appetite of anyone who tries it.  Kemplang can not only be used as a side dish, but can also be used as a snack for you to enjoy.

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