Flower Garden Archipelago

Flower Garden Archipelago, Bogor

Taman Bunga Nusantara is the first flower display park in Indonesia. The park is equipped with various collections of famous and unique flowering plants from all over the world. With hundreds of varieties of flowering plants in the park, Taman Bunga Nusantara truly becomes a place where flowers from all over the world grow.

"We display a very large area for the growth of flowers from South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. We also have a 50,000 m2 bedding plant display area. "

Ms. Suhardani Bustanil Arifin, the initiator and Chairperson of the Bunga Nusantara Foundation along with other members began pioneering the construction of this park in 1992, then intensively carrying out the initial construction of the park began in 1993. The main purpose of the development of this park for the Bunga Nusantara Foundation is to create a Flower Garden Nusantara as one of the national agro-based tourism assets on an international scale.


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