Fried Grasshopper

Fried Grasshopper, Yogyakarta

If a vacation to Mount Kidul Yogyakarta, Central Java, you will also easily find extreme fried grasshopper culinary. This fried grasshopper was used as a side dish to replace chicken meat which was still expensive. Fried grasshoppers used are obtained from wood grasshoppers whose size is bigger than grasshoppers in the rice fields.

The processing method is also quite thorough, the organs in the grasshopper are cleaned then fried and added seasonings. Fried Grasshopper becomes a seasonal culinary that is always awaited, because grasshoppers are only often found during the rainy season, which is between January to May.

The living grasshopper is put into a bucket, then doused with water at room temperature, then the grasshopper will immediately die, after that clean the grasshopper by removing the dirt one by one, then after all the grasshopper dirt has been removed, then reply with clean water, here is the moment that I like the most, which is preparing the spices : garlic, coriander, and salt, put the spices in a pot of grasshoppers that have been clean, then add enough water, and cook on fire until the water has evaporated, then immediately fry until cooked and crispy, in addition to the savory taste and  crispy, fried grasshoppers are also rich in protein.


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