Gloria Alley

Gloria Alley, Jakarta

Famous as a Chinatown area in Jakarta, China town Nine Plot also has a culinary specialty of the ethnic Chinese community, if you want to go on a culinary tour in this area, the 'paradise' is in Gloria Alley, if you already feel tired walking down the China Town Nine Plot, then now is the time you turn towards Gloria Alley, where various types of culinary are sold, the choices are quite complete, ranging from meat, vegetables, vegetarian, to chinese food, all of which can be found in various stalls and  depot here.

Gloria Alley is located on Pancoran Street, Glodok, West Jakarta, alley with a width of less than five meters, both sides are filled with stalls of traders, some are selling sweets, basket cakes, fruit, food, and several other necessities. On the right side there are also several stalls selling food that also fill this alley.  When you set foot in this alley, the aroma of noodles spreads in all directions, the heat of the stoves that are turned on for cooking is felt when you pass the noodle stalls. The meat used as a supplementary noodles can also be seen hung in a glass box to store food, starting from chicken, duck, beef, to pork.

Not only noodles, there are also hainan rice, mixed rice, fried rice, capcay and tim rice. Some places also provide snacks such as fried meatballs, spring rolls, and dumplings, and in Gloria Alley you can also find "Bulus" dishes, or in scientific language is Amyda cartilaginea which is a type of turtle with a type of soft backed Trionychidae, in English this animal is known as the Asiatic softshell turtle, This food is known by its Chinese name is "Pi oh", and served with tauco sauce, surely you are curious to try it.

Processed pork and other dishes that are banned by certain religions become one of the menus that dominate culinary in Gloria Alley. However, you do not worry, the stall will certainly tell you if there are dishes that contain pork or other types that are prohibited by certain religions.

If you take a culinary tour with Java Private Tour, our crew always makes sure you visit the Kopi Tak Kie which has been established since 1972, Gado-Gado Direksi, Kari Lim, and Mie Kangkung Jangkung and there is also Soto Betawi A Fung which is famous for  the size of their beef pieces. Another culinary that is also quite popular in the gloria alley is Rujak Juhi, which has an appearance that resembles Gado-Gado, but has additional slices of dried squid.

This legendary variety of culinary still retains its flavor from generation to generation, That is what makes street food fans from all over the world always visit this place. If you want a culinary tour here, you better come in the morning or afternoon. Because, food vendors began to close their wares at 2 pm.


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