Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Bogor

When you hear the word agro-tourism, the term plantations, agriculture and animal husbandry will be located in the highlands like mountains which is the most appropriate location to calm and clear the mind. Areas like the peak of Cisarua Bogor are the closest and most favorite areas visited by Jakartans. One of them is the peak of the Gunung Mas area of ​​Bogor offering the natural charm of a plantation which has many photo spots with stunning natural backgrounds.

Gunung Mas Agro Tourism is a hilly agrotourism area surrounded by charming expanses of green tea plantations, where visitors are satisfied with the beautiful natural landscape. Don't ask, the air around is very cool and the expanse of the tea garden can be used as an ideal background for your photo album collection on social media.

Maybe at first glance impressed mainstream only traveled in the tea garden, but there visitors can surround the tea garden area on foot or even to look dashing by renting a horse vehicle. There are affordable horse rentals by locals for visitors, in this private tour you will also try various types of tea for free, there are a variety of teas available here, starting from white tea, green tea, red tea, and of course the tour guide of the Java Private Tour will explain how to process tea, and here  also you can visit the honey-producing beekeeping, you can try pure honey produced from this farm and see how the honey is processed and how to raise honey.


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