Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Bogor

When we hear about the terms agrotourism and ecotourism, plantations, agriculture and livestock, it is as if to take our imagination to a quiet place to clear our minds, on a high land surrounded by green mountain views.

The Gunung Mas Cisarua Tea Plantation Area, Bogor, West Java, is the most favorite area to visit to calm the mind, this tourist attraction is managed by PTPN VIII, a state owned company, the government of the Republic of Indonesia which is engaged in agro-industry that offers natural charm in the form of tea plantations which  photography spots, ecotourism educational spots that have a very enchanting natural view, and you can even see views of Mount Salak and Mount Gede Pangrango from this Gunung Mas Tea plantation.

Gunung Mas tea plantation has an area of ​​500 hectares, located at an altitude of 800-1,200 meters above sea level, with a temperature of 12-22 degrees Celsius and is the only tea plantation open to the public surrounded by a stretch of charming green tea plantations, so that you will be satisfied with the beautiful natural scenery, you can surround the tea garden area on foot, or you can even go horse riding to explore this historic tea plantation while enjoying the very cool surrounding air between the expanse of tea garden which is very suitable as an ideal background for add to your photography collection on social media.

Historical Tea Plantation.
This Gunung Mas Tea Plantation is often visited by tourists from abroad, especially from England, Germany, France and the Netherlands, not without reason why they visit Gunung Mas tea plantation because besides wanting to enjoy nature, they also want to learn the history of their ancestors and their families, because this tea plantation has also become part of the life history of their family, because their ancestors, their grandparents lived permanently and worked to manage this plantation in the past, because tea plantations in this region began to appear since the arrival of the British in the 1600s in the form of a trading partnership called the East India Company (EIC) to enliven the spice trade, However, due to strong competition, Britain did not rule for long in Indonesia due to the arrival of the Netherlands and also other European countries such as Germany and France, which traded and competed with each other in Indonesia.

The tea plantation area currently managed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and its operations is managed by a company which also belongs to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia PT.Perkebunan Nasional VIII, in the past, it originated from the French, German and Dutch Owned Tea Plantation Companies.

The history of this tea plantation in the beginning was that there were two countries and two companies that managed this tea plantation, namely “Goenoeng Mas Francoise Nederlandise de Culture et de Commerce”,founded by a French company in 1800's, and a tea plantation NV. CULTURE MY TJIKOPO ZSUID which was founded by a German company in 1900. This plantation has two separate mills for its management which were founded in the early 1800s and 1900s, however In 1949 the Tea Plantation belonged to NV. CULTURE MY TJIKOPO ZSUID taken over by the Dutch Government because the German Government suffered defeat in World War II, then in 1954 the management of the Plantation “Goenoeng Mas Francoise Nederlandise de Culture et de Commerce”  submitted to the Dutch Company, and changed its name to NV TIEDEMAN E. VAN KERCHEM (TVK)”  which has its head office in Bandung City, West Java.

After going through a long process of time, even long after Indonesia's independence in 1945, there was a nationalization plan by the Indonesian republican government in 1957, then precisely one year later in 1958 the two plantations that were previously owned by the Dutch were taken over by the Republican Government  Indonesia and all the assets of the Dutch owned plantation company were fully handed over to the Indonesian Government. 

Currently there have been social changes in the communities in this area, villas, hotels and various facilities as well as places for recreation, entertainment, and infrastructure have been very well organized, it can be said that currently the Gunung Mas Tea Plantation area and the Puncak Bogor area are currently towards good development.

Ecotourism Tour with Java Private Tour at Bogor's Gunung Mas Tea Plantation.
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