Heroes Monument & Heroes Museum

Heroes Monument & Heroes Museum, Surabaya

Surabaya, a city on the eastern tip of Java, was built by the spirit of freedom fighters. The warriors courageously defended their ancestral lands. One of the historic events that will always be remembered is the 10 November 1945 Event. This event was also named as one of the biggest historic events after the proclamation of independence.

As a way to commemorate the services of the heroes who dedicated their struggle to the 10 November 1945 incident, a magnificent monument was built in the middle of Surabaya. This monument was later called the Heroes Monument. You can visit this Surabaya City Landmark every day.  The most crowded time of the visit occurred on Sunday morning, along with the holding of the Car Free Day which took place along Raya Darmo Street - Bungkul Park - Surabaya Heroes Monument.
Besides being able to witness the grandeur of the towering monument as high as 41 meters, you can enjoy a variety of folk entertainment and a variety of culinary sold by local residents.  Although there are many people who come to this monument at the same time, you will still feel free to enjoy various entertainment available in this 2.5 hectare area.
The Tugu Pahlawan area is built above the square in the form of a grass field and is surrounded by shady trees. Greenness of the square is more complete through the presence of colorful flower gardens.
Facilities in the form of canopied sidewalks around the area of ​​the square also spoil you when you explore the Tugu Pahlawan area.  The sidewalk hygiene conditions are very well maintained.  Even the sidewalk is also equipped with a seat that you can use.
Another landmark that you can find when you visit Surabaya Monument is the statue of the Indonesian proclaimer, Ir.  Soekarno and Drs. Moh. Hatta in large size. This iconic statue was erected near the ruins of a High Court building pillar used in colonial times. Another tourist attraction you can visit in the Heroes Monument is the November 10 Museum. This museum consists of 2 floors and holds a number of historical relics around the events of November 10, 1945. The presentation of the heroic story of the Suroboyo arek-arek was conveyed in an interesting manner through various media, a case of photos, films, and dioramas.
In addition, also take time to visit the Tomb of Unknown Heroes who are still in the same area.  This tomb is dedicated to unknown heroes who died on the 10th November 1945.

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