Hidden Ancient Cikahuripan River Experience

Hidden Ancient Cikahuripan River Experience, Bandung

Cikahuripan River has various benefits, especially in terms of treatment. The beauty that is served in the Cikahuripan River is not from its river water. Even though the water in the Cikahuripan River is still very clean, and has no smell or taste. The main attraction of the Cikahuripan River is the rocks scattered around the river, as well as two towering cliffs flanking the river, similar to those in Green Canyon.

The river flow from Cikahuripan is not swift. This ancient river was shallow because it only had a depth of approximately four meters. This in turn made the Cikahuripan River be used as a tourist destination to get to know an ancient river. Because, only armed with a float, you can explore the flow of the river in the middle of the cliffs and rocks.


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