House Of Sampoerna

House Of Sampoerna, Surabaya

House of Sampoerna is an Indonesian kretek cigarette museum located on Jalan Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya, East Java. This building stands in the Dutch colonial style with four large pillars that support the main building. This magnificent Dutch colonial-style building was built around 1862. This building was once used as a special orphanage managed by the Dutch government.  Then, this building was bought by Liem Seeng Tee, founder of the Sampoerna cigarette company in 1932, and was made the first place for Sampoerna cigarette production.
The distinctive aroma of tobacco will welcome you when you first enter the museum area. You can also directly see the production activities that still use traditional methods to process one of Sampoerna's kretek cigarette brands. Making cigarettes using traditional equipment and carried out by thousands of women workers who are able to produce 325 cigarettes per hour.
You will also be greeted with a friendly Indonesian smile from the museum guide women. You can ask for help with an explanation of the museum's brief history and the family tree of the Sampoerna family. However, even without the help of officers, you can still understand the contents and forerunner of the museum from the clear and complete information written there both manual and digital.

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