Hunting Sunset at Darma Peak

Hunting Sunset at Darma Peak, Sukabumi

Ciletuh Geopark is one of the hidden beauties in Sukabumi, West Java, but before you know its hidden beauty, you can enjoy its exotic scenery at Peak Of Darma. Darma Peak is one of the highest plains in the Ciletuh Geopark area. The hill at Darma Peak is at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, located in Girimukti Village, Ciemas District, Sukabumi, West Java.

Girimukti Village, Ciemas is one of the gates of the Ciletuh Geopark.  Before exploring the geopark, you can see the beautiful landscape from Darma Peak, and from that peak you can enjoy a panoramic view of Ciletuh Bay which is shaped like a horseshoe. Below it, lies Palangpang Beach with its blue sea facing directly to the Indian Ocean, this highland area presents a comprehensive view of the sea and coast. From up here you can also observe the beauty of the cliffs, rice fields, and the Ciletuh Geopark beach, the sea breeze that blows, the sound of the waves that will fill your five senses, As far as the eye can see, what appears is the horizon meeting between the blue Java sea and the Java sky.

The best charm of beauty is at sunset, because this hill faces west. The sun will set in the middle of the bay, and the sparkling lights in the geopark will replace the streak of the existing twilight. There are no special preparations or provisions to visit here, you just have to prepare the best lens shots to capture the moment, there are no amusement rides or crowds of tourists that you can find at this peak, however, you will instead be presented with a natural view created by God that is more special than just an Instagrammable photo spot.

You would never have thought that this southern coastal area of ​​West Java would have a place to wait for a sunset that is so bright. The peak of Darma in the Ciletuh Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark area reminds us of the exoticism of Labuan Bajo at dusk, complete with huma hills similar to savanna in Nusa Tenggara. Although it is imperfect to descend on the horizon of the sky, the lavender remains are very beautiful.

Talking about the beauty of the sea, it reminds me of the habits of Santiago, the main character of Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea", who often refers to the sea as "La Mar" or the sea in a feminine sense. This old man always thought of the sea as a woman of great attraction. When the ocean does something wild or dangerous, it is because it is unable to resist its own will, such as the appearance of the moon which always affects the conditions of the ocean or even, women.

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