Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta Old Town, Jakarta

History is not only a story of the past without meaning. Studying history means learning the past, present, and future, there are so many ways to continue and appreciate and learn about the history of Jakarta, one of them is by visiting historical attractions, for you foreign tourists who are visiting the capital city of Jakarta

Kota Tua (old town) is a historical tourist attraction that you must visit. Surely you ask why you should visit the Old City?

The Old City was an important area in the former colonial period.  This area covers parts of West Jakarta and North Jakarta, starting from the Sunda Kelapa Harbor to the Bank Indonesia Museum, at this time the image of the building that you see functions as a Museum, called the Fatahilah Museum, this Museum is also known as the Batavia Museum or the Jakarta History Museum. Consisting of three floors, this museum has 25,000 collections of historical objects. It is suitable for those who want to see and research about furniture, ceramics, cannons, inscriptions, and unique and antique artifacts that have accompanied Jakarta's development from the 15th century to the present.

However, during the colonial era in the 15th century this building was one of the centers of colonial government, it was also used as a city hall, court, and even had an underground prison. One of the most important places in this museum is not located inside, but in an outdoor field.  In this place, the invaders usually executed prisoners.

Just like the old city area in several cities in Indonesia, and even the world, the Old City of Jakarta is currently used as a historic tourist attraction by changing the function of the old building into a museum that holds a lot of valuable information about the history of the city.


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