Jodipan Village The Indonesia's Rio De Janerio

Jodipan Village The Indonesia's Rio De Janerio, Malang

Not only famous as a city that produces apples. Malang is also famous for having a variety of interesting tourist destinations to explore.  Starting from nature tours to instagenic places that are often targeted by millennial travelers. One of the instagenic tourist attractions that must be visited when traveling to Malang is the colorful village of Jodipan. Same with other villages, it's just that Jodipan looks different because every corner of the house, alley and others are painted with a variety of attractive colors.
Many say, Jodipan Village is similar to Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil.  Here, travelers will find various instagramable spots for taking photos, such as 3D paintings, funny characters, to interesting animal images. The most targeted spot for tourists when entering Jodipan Village is a glass bridge named Embong Brantas.  Being on this bridge, you can see the whole village of Jodipan.
The image of the colors seems to adorn the walls of the houses on the banks of the Brantas River.  Because of its beauty, foreign tourists have always dubbed Jodipan Village as Indonesia's Rio De Janerio. Later it was also known as the Colorful Village. Next to Jodipan Tourism Village in Malang, there is Tridi Village which is also very photogenic, presenting cool photo spots, full color, with 3-dimensional images that look very real,". This tourist village is located in Jodipan Village, Blimbing District, Malang City.  Precisely under the railroad market of Flea Market Rt 06 Rw 02. The emergence of this tourist place stems from one of the ideas that is so creative from students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Formerly Jodipan Village actually has a beautiful view of the Brantas Bridge. However, because the slums make this place unsightly. Therefore, the idea was made so that Jodipan village became a tourist spot.
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