Jomblang Cave Experience

Jomblang Cave Experience, Yogyakarta

A completely lost world, Jomblang Cave is a sinkhole that is part of the cave system that crosses Gunung Kidul, go on a thrilling cave adventure, descend into the cave and witness the Light of the Javanese Heaven, unleash your spirit of adventure as you explore caves with your professional local guide from the Java Private Tour, enjoy the rest of your stay in Yogyakarta by ordering a comfortable airport transfer or a private tour around the city of Yogyakarta by enjoying local wisdom, culture, art and culinary with Java Private Tour.
This 100 meter deep, 60 meter diameter well was formed by nature naturally, dissolving and breaking down from a layer of limestone that was more than 30 million years old, making limestone lifted from the seabed some 30 million years ago, and caused the bottom of the hole to collapse, so that it was connected to a horizontal corridor that ended at "Luwung Grubug", or local Javanese people used to call it Luweng Grubug.
This is the deepest well on the island of Java, and in it there is an underground river phenomenon at the base of this luweng grubug, when you are at the bottom of this cave, try to look upwards, I assure you, you will witness the light of heaven, the only light of heaven that is on the island of Java.

Jomblang Cave is a tourist place with an adventure theme.  Jomblang Cave is also classified as one of the ancient cave, besides offering its beauty, the cave here is also suitable for you who want to stimulate adrenaline. In Jomblang Cave you will go down the mouth of cave as deep as 15 meters to 100 meters. For you who have caving expertise, it will be very easy to reach the bottom of this cave. But for beginners just take it easy because the crew from the Java Private Tour will guide you, and you will be given training on how to caving, don't worry, because it won't be as difficult as imagined. To enter this cave, there are several paths you can take, including the Jomblang Cave path that can be traversed on foot, and has a depth of 15 meters. The view inside the cave is very different from outside the cave, you can say inside this cave is very beautiful because a lot of plants and cave ornaments that adorn, including plant nails, crystal stones, stalactites, and stalagmites. In addition in this cave, there is also a river that flows quite swiftly. From inside this cave, a lot of light comes in from the gap and mouth of the cave to form a masterpiece that is very amazing. This is what is often said to be the light of heaven.




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