Kesrut Soup

Kesrut Soup, Banyuwangi

Sop Kesrut (Soup Kesrut), for the people of modern Banyuwangi and the younger generation, this food is still very strange to hear, because Sop Kesrut is an ancient food with a spicy taste that is starting to be forgotten in today's modern era, Sop Kesrut Banyuwangi is a typical culinary delicacy of the Osing tribe which is becoming rare, and Sop Kesrut from Banyuwangi has simple spices but has a very special taste, this typical Banyuwangi dish is very rare, Sop Kesrut is only available in a few areas where it is still made, and one of the factors that makes it is the Osing tribe.

The contents of Sop Kesrut are quite simple, thick broth and slices of organic chicken, and to add a fresh taste to the soup, this soup is added with green onions, and in the sauce there are leeks, chilies, tomatoes, starfruit, and shrimp paste, even though it is fairly simple, Kesrut soup can always satisfy you and typical food that makes the tongue dance with joy.

The main characteristic of this soup is that the soup is very tasty, and tastes a little sour with spicy, and usually this soup is served with rice and fried chicken, it can also be fried rice or fish. Even though it feels spicy, this soup is sometimes enjoyed with additional tempong sauce (typical of Banyuwangi liquid chili sauce) which is very spicy.

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