The existence of a Java Private Tour in the city of Bogor is always closely related to various nature-themed tourism activities, be it climbing volcanic mountains, or just enjoying the natural scenery while on a culinary tour, and every tourist who visits Bogor with Java Private Tour always has many reasons to come back again and again to travel and have a vacation in this city of Bogor.

One of the reasons for always coming back to visit Bogor.

Koersi Sky Cafe is one of the reasons why local tourists and foreign tourists always come back to visit Bogor. This cafe with a unique design is located on the 22nd floor of Bigland International Hotel and Convention Hall, which is also the only tallest hotel in the city of Bogor that is able to provide the sensation of a 360 degree free view from an altitude of 375 MASL.

Strategic location and exclusive private access in Bogor.

Koersi Sky Cafe, which is on the 22nd floor of Bigland International Hotel and Convention Hall, has a very strategic position because it is in the middle of Bogor, with very easy and exclusive access, after exiting the Bogor toll gate you will first circle one of the very famous icons of the city of Bogor, namely the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the Bogor Palace where the residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, after that the location of the entrance which is very private which is only intended for visitors to the Bigland International Hotel and Convention Hall is behind the Indonesian Red Cross Hospital, Bogor.

Watching the city of Bogor go by at sunset or at sunrise.

The indoor area is quite comfortable, especially for those of you who are couples, the romantic and calming atmosphere is very thick here, and for the outdoor area which will certainly make the atmosphere more lively which can also be made a comfortable place to share stories with friends while listening to fun live music performances on Thursday nights and Friday nights.

By carrying out the rooftop concept, at night the visitors of this cafe will be presented with a very beautiful sparkling city of Bogor, and in the morning to evening visitors will be presented with views of Mount Gede Pangrango and Mount Salak which are exotic. The concept offered by Koersi Sky Cafe is what will certainly make visitors feel at home for a long time in this place, because visitors will also be served by friendly and cheerful Koersi Sky Cafe staff, and for you photography lovers, Koersi Sky Cafe would highly recommend by Java Private Tour, because this place has various angles that are very Instagrammable, and Koersi Sky Cafe is the only place in the city of Bogor which is perfect for those of you who want to watch the city of Bogor pass at sunset or at sunrise.

Special menu at Koersi Sky Cafe.

Koersi Sky Cafe not only offers the sensation of exotic scenery at an altitude of 375MDPL, but also offers Sky Dining with traditional and modern combination menus that will be very appetizing, Java Private Tour highly recommends several menus at Koersi Sky Cafe to be used as the best reference for those of you who want Sky Dining.

The cool city of Bogor will be very suitable if you try one of the Fried Noodle menus, which are very large portions, and served fresh and hot, if you are a coffee lover, it will be perfect if combined with a light snack of hot fried bananas in the afternoon or evening, and Koersi Sky Cafe menu price includes tax.

Koersi Sky Cafe provides and offers flexibility, privacy, and comfort, it can be said that Koersi Sky Cafe is the only cafe with the most complete theme in the city of Bogor. Come on!, what are you waiting for, it won't be complete if you visit Bogor without stopping at Koersi Sky Cafe.