Mall's in Jakarta

Mall's in Jakarta, Jakarta

Jakarta City is identically known as a very crowded city, traffic jams that always make its citizens experience severe stress, according to a survey from Thrillist, the city of Jakarta is in the first position as the city with the most populous traffic conditions among 87 cities in the world.

Jakarta is a vast city to explore and has unique spots to visit one by one, make sure you get a car rental service that suits to your needs, each of our Java Private Tour drivers can speak English with very well, and can also be your personal tour guide, because the Java Private Tour Service is specifically for foreign tourists and expatriates visiting Indonesia, the services of the Java Private Tour are able to facilitate all your mobility.

Jakarta city has some charm to invite you foreign tourists, because there are many interesting and unique things about Jakarta that you can explore, let’s continue our adventure in Jakarta with Java Private Tour. For you lovers of shopping, Jakarta can be a very exciting city! Because the city of Jakarta has 193 malls spread throughout the area of East Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta, South Jakarta and Central Jakarta. So it’s not surprising that Jakarta is known as a big city that has the most malls in the world!. Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Senayan Citi, Casablanca City, Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Century Mall will be a fun place for you shopping lovers, and This mall in the city of Jakarta can certainly represent the city of Jakarta as one of the capitals in the country of Indonesia, which does not want to be outdone in competing with cities from other countries around the world. One other thing that is quite unique in the city of Jakarta is, Jakarta also has an annual shopping tourism festival agenda called Jakarta Fair Kemayoran every June for 46 days, more than 500 live events, more than 125,000 square meters of exhibition area, and more than 2,500 tenants,by presenting interesting and festive content. Starting from the most comprehensive multi-product exhibitions, exceptionally discounted prices, culinary tours, children’s rides, music concerts, fireworks, lively carnivals and various other exciting events , This is one of the Biggest, the Longest and Most Complete fair in Southeast Asia that you must visit if you visit Jakarta.


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