Megono Rice

Megono Rice, Wonosobo

Megono Rice, is a typical food from the north coast of Central Java, this food is commonly found and is very familiar in the Batang and Pekalongan districts which also includes the Wonosobo area, this food is most commonly found in stalls along the road. Megono rice consists of rice wrapped in banana leaves, then if you open the leaf, then you can see above the rice given a piece of young jackfruit mixed with grated coconut, Megono rice is usually served with "mendoan tempe" (fried soy beans) fried half cooked with flour.
Megono Rice Culinary is now increasingly known on the world stage, even every year a festival is held that brings Gunungan (a pile) Megono Rice to be fought over by the public. Javanese people call it "Sego Megono", a mandatory menu for the surrounding residents, there are always those who sell it from morning to night, this is the food of a million people, very popular and an identity for the Wonosobo region.


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