Merbabu Mountain Experience

Merbabu Mountain Experience, Semarang

Mount Merbabu holds a natural charm that is very fascinating to explore. Whether you are a beginner or experienced climber, climbing Merbabu Mountain can be the best experience!
Climbing the mountain will make you addicted, and every time we go hiking, there will be lessons to be learned.  Walk to the volcanic peaks, penetrate the Javanese wilderness, and enjoy the stunning panorama in the fertile Central Javanese countryside. Get ready for some of the best hiking adventures in Java in Gunung Merbabu National Park, and admire other natural landscapes in Central Java. Discover endemic and rare bird species, asong drongo the speckled woodpecker, black-headed nightingale, and dove in pine forest areas, indigo flycatchers, Javanese fulvetta and white belly fantails in this Javanese forest region. Witness the sunrise in Java and get the chance to watch a live bird nature concert in the morning. Camp overnight and stare at the night sky filled with innumerable stars. Mount Merbabu National Park covers about 14,000 hectares, and 5,700 hectares is dominated by active stratovolcano called Mount Merbabu.
The main peak of the park is Mount Merbabu, which last erupted in 1797. This mountain has two peaks, which is usually used as a place for adventure that is Kenteng Songo as high as 10,318 feet and Sharif 3,145 feet. Although overall merbabu actually has seven peaks, namely the peak of Trigulation, Watugubuk Peak, Watutulis Peak, Gegersapi Peak, Ondorante Peak, through three valleys covered by dense forest that stretches for miles, if you walk on the Slopes this green mountain, you will forget that the one you step on is a volcano.  Follow one of several challenging paths leading to the summit of Kenteng Songo, the most popular of Kopeng villages on the northern slope, and Selo which is on the southern foothills.  Exploring the vast grasslands, to the highlands and mountains and through the low clouds. Most trips are done at night and early morning will allow you to get a very exotic sunrise and sunset experience. If you have reached the peak, then look to the south, you will face directly to see Mount Merapi as high as 9,910 feet (2,930 meters) and wide valleys and rolling mountains.
Java Private Tour will arrange your adventure, Gunung Merbabu National Park is about 2 hours drive to the north of the city of Yogyakarta. we suggest starting from the city of Yogyakarta is a good place to arrange transportation and a guide to explore the Gunung Merbabu National Park.
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