Orchid Park

Orchid Park, Bandung

Cikole Lembang Forest Orchid, this place is the largest orchid garden in Indonesia.  Located in the middle of a protected forest area and stretches for more than 12 hectares.  has a collection of more than 157 types of orchids developed here. Cikole Bandung Orchid Forest focuses on the introduction and planting of various orchid plants.  Using local and international methods. The orchid variant is not only from Indonesia, although Indonesia is famous for the second largest variant of orchids in the world, there are orchid plants in the Orchid Forest there are also originating from other countries, such as Venezuela, Argentina, the Philippines, Peru, and the United States.
Even rare orchids such as black orchids or Coelogy pandurata, semar orchids or Paphopedilum glaucophyllum and also species of paraphalaenopsis laycocky you can see here. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of a variety of orchids, tourists who visit can enjoy the beauty of lined pine trees and unusually cool air.  This cold temperature in Bandung makes orchids grow very well.

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