Palace Cliffs

Palace Cliffs, Bandung

Palace Cliffs or better known in Indonesian as "Tebing Keraton", located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. This cliff offers the natural beauty of pine forests, in addition, from the height of this cliff you can see the expanse of the beauty of the city of Bandung, the cliff of the palace is a tourist attraction that is suitable for lovers of natural activities, landscape photography, and seismological researchers. In addition to offering natural beauty and hills, a variety of activities can be done here. From challenging activities to relaxation activities, it's no wonder why this cliff is one of the favorite destinations for tourists all over the world visiting Lembang - Bandung, and this attraction can be visited every day, if you don't want to camp, then you can come in the morning to just enjoy the sunrise at Tebing Keraton, while those of you who want to wait for the sunset can come in the afternoon.

The beauty of the city of Bandung and the nature of the hills became the main attraction of this hilly tourist area. Exotic landscapes supported by good tourism infrastructure are one of its advantages, and of course there are a variety of nature themed activities, and other useful activities that can be done together with Java Private Tour, and certainly will add a new experience for you. Here are some activities that can be done at this attraction with Java Private Tour.

-Photography with an exotic background of ravines and hills.

-Enjoy the sunrise and sunset.


-Treking to the hill.

-Educational facilities regarding earthquake studies.

-Mountain biking (downhill).


-Enjoy the pine forest.


How to get to Palace Cliffs.

If we have reached Tebing Keraton, we cannot directly reach the top of the cliff. Vehicles such as cars must be parked first before climbing to the cliff. To get to the cliff takes 20-35 minutes by foot, this is the most interesting part, because along the journey from the parking lot to the top of the cliff you will go through a green view of the tropical rainforest which will dominate more, beautiful scenery will make our trekking fun, and we can walk along the path while taking pictures before reaching the cliff, if you like landscape photography, you will definitely enjoy the scenery here.

Transportation to this tourist area is quite difficult, especially for foreign tourists, it will be very easier if you use a private vehicle, because if you use public transportation, you have to go up and down and change the type of public vehicle, and go to the Leuwi Panjang Bandung bus terminal, and change the type of public transportation again with Damri buses to the Leuwi Panjang-Dago route to get to the area called Ciburial, comfort and safety factors become very important here. Therefore Java Private Tour is here to serve you foreign tourists from all over the world, very comfortable private car rental service, a driver who can speak English and at the same time can be your personal guide who will take you to explore Bandung, you will feel arrive as a guest, and leave as a friend.


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