Paragliding, Bogor

Traveling will certainly be a fun activity. Besides being able to enjoy the natural beauty or uniqueness of a city, traveling can also be used as a sporting facility. For example, by climbing mountains, rock climbing, cycling around the city, and so on. One of them by doing extreme sports such as paragliding or paragliding. In addition to the Many Mountain Paragliding Tours in East Java, in West Java apparently there is also a location to enjoy this extreme sport, namely Fly Indonesia Paragliding. Following complete information.

The location of the Fly Indonesia Paragliding is in Bogor, more precisely in the Gunung Mas tourist area. You can visit there to enjoy the excitement of trying this extreme sport. When else can you fly like a bird from a certain hill height? Of course this tour experience will be very imprint and will not be forgotten. And you might want to try it again later. This location can also be visited as a Family Tourism Site in Bogor, especially for families who really like outdoor activities.


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