Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village, Bali

Maybe you are bored if you only visit the beach, beach and beach again. If you want to find something unique and different from others in Bali, like a vacation far from modernity, you can take yourself to retreat to beautiful countryside, which is very natural to visit, rural areas very far from the flow of modern civilization in Bali, see and feel the arrangement and attractions of the village which is very friendly to the environment, so that it can refresh the mind from the harsh development of the times.

At a time when the development of technology and the squirming era there is an area that is not at all affected by this, Penglipuran Village is an area that is now in the spotlight all over the world because of the beauty and peace it offers. The vision and mission of the Java Private Tour is to always hunt for hidden paradise along Java and Bali, and will share it with you. Penglipuran Village is a famous village from the Island of the Gods, Java Private Tour will review it for you about this village which is increasingly visited by people around the world. Penglipuran Village is one of the traditional villages that has developed into a very crowded tourist village visited by foreign tourists. In fact, at the beginning of the designation of this village as a tourist village, it was foreign tourists who more often crowded the village located in the Bangli Region of Bali.

Initially, this village was just a village that wanted to maintain the culture of ancestors, around 1990 there was a group of Udayana students doing a Real Work Lecture by leaving a trail in the form of small parks and environmental management, but then around 1991/1992 suddenly there were some tourists who visited this village, but at that time the Regional Tourism Office had not issued any policies or contributions to manage this area, since at that time this village was suddenly increasingly visited by foreign tourists, then from here the elders and youths together with representatives from local and city governments held a discussion to develop the tourism potential in the Penglipuran traditional village, and finally in 1993 this traditional village was designated as Penglipuran Tourism Village with the Regent's Decree No.115 dated 29 April 1993.

Penglipuran Village is derived from the acronyms "pengeling" and "pura" which mean as a reminder of the ancestral shrines. Initially, the village community came from the village of Bayung Gede, Kintamani, who migrated permanently for some reason to the village of Kubu Bayung, which is now the name of the village of Penglipuran. Then in this village they finally settled and maintained their cultural wisdom.

For village spatial planning, every house has a gate called "Angkul-angkul", all houses in this village if at first glance are very similar, but there are some details that are not the same, it can be said indeed almost similar. While the size is exactly the same, The village, which is at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, is recorded to have 1000 inhabitants in 240 families at the census record earlier this year, they are spread over 100 yards that are evenly distributed on each side of a total of 150 hectares.

The village is located 50 km from Denpasar, not far from Kintamani and Mount Batur, precisely located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali. To make it easier for you to explore this village, you can use the services of the Java Private Tour that will facilitate all your holiday needs, whether transportation or accommodation.

At the beginning of its inauguration as a tourist village, Penglipuran was awarded the "KALPATARU" (award given to individuals or groups for their services in preserving the environment in Indonesia). Because, the people in this village have been considered able to save the environment, and they are able to maintain and maintain 75 hectares of bamboo forest and 10 hectares of other vegetation that are characteristic of his village. In addition, the people in this village are also able to maintain the cultural customs of the ancestors and also the urban layout and traditional buildings. This is what made Penglipuran village get the "KALPATARU" award in 1995.

Bali Island of the Gods is the second best island after the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the name Penglipuran Tourism Village is also often discussed internationally, until in the end this village has been named the cleanest village in the world along with the Floating Village of Giethoorn in the Dutch Province of Overijssel, and Mawlynnong Village in India.

This village in 2016, and the Java Private Tour in 2019 also received awards from TripAdvisor, namely in the form of The Travelers Choice Destination 2016 for Penglipuran Village, and the 2019 Certificate of Excellence for Java Private Tour.

Many things you can get from the village which on May 10, 2020 yesterday just celebrated its 816th birthday, various attractions displayed in this tourist village are very interesting, this village has met the criteria as a tourist village that presents the daily life of local residents, and with the physical setting of the village location that integrates with tourists who directly participate actively in various activities, such as dance courses, learning the old Balinese culture, beliefs, social life, and local cultural wisdom.

I am sure you will be interested to learn about Balinese culture in the cleanest village in the world with Java Private Tour


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