Petis Tofu

Petis Tofu, Semarang

Petis is a component in Indonesian cuisine made from processing food byproducts (usually from fish stew, mussels or shrimp) that are heated until the liquid broth thickens like a thicker sauce.

As the name implies, this culinary must be made from tofu and paste as the basic ingredients of its manufacture. Tofu that will be processed will usually be sliced ​​first and filled with petis. Make sure the tofu slices do not split and are not too dense. Tofu paste will then be fried until crisp.

It will be even more delicious if you enjoy tofu paste with the addition of cayenne pepper, especially for those of you who are crazy about spicy food. Petis itself is a kind of processed from the remaining liquid boiling shrimp or fish which is then heated until thick and becomes a blackish sauce.


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