Prambanan Ramayana Ballet Show

Prambanan Ramayana Ballet Show, Yogyakarta

Ramayana Prambanan Ballet is a show that combines dance and drama without dialogue, based on the Ramayana story and performed near Prambanan Temple on the island of Java, Indonesia. The Ramayana Prambanan Ballet is the most extraordinary and exotic ballet ever. This Ramayana ballet was first performed in 1961.

Ramayana stories based on Hindu epics adapted to Javanese culture make the Ramayana Ballet a unique dance. More than 200 professional dancers and local musicians participated in the Ramayana Ballet which took place on an open stage with Prambanan Temple as a background. Ramayana ballet is also told in relief at the Shiva Temple.

The Ramayana story is Rama's journey to save his wife Sita (in Java commonly called Sinta) who was kidnapped by the king of Alengka State, Rahwana. Ramayana Prambanan Ballet is usually held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, staging on an open stage (Open Stage) only in the dry season, beyond that the performance is held on a closed stage (Trimurti Stage).


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