Prambanan Temple Sunset

Prambanan Temple Sunset, Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple is one of the most valuable relics of the 9th century that Indonesia has.  With its magnificent architecture and high historical value, this temple is a leading tourist destination in Yogyakarta. I don't know how many million people have visited Prambanan.  Camera shots that capture the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia are also countless.  However, there is always another side that makes the temple look special.

are you a 'Sunset Hunter'?

Prambanan Temple can be one of your lists to enjoy the beautiful sunset.  Prove it directly and come here when the sky is clear, guaranteed when you go home, you will bring lots of stock photos! The most interesting spot for Sunset view is in Sewu Temple, the best sunset view, the location is at the far end of the Prambanan Temple complex, more empty of visitors, usually only foreign tourists who arrive at this spot.


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