Precet, Banyuwangi

Did you know that one of the things that makes you miss Banyuwangi is about its culinary delights, Banyuwangi, which is located at the easternmost tip of Java Island, has a variety of special culinary specialties, in Banyuwangi the sweet taste still dominates as the average Javanese cuisine in general, and some types of Banyuwangi culinary can be said to be slightly influenced by Madurese and Balinese cuisines, because geographically the location between Banyuwangi, Madura and Bali is close to each other.

One of the typical Banyuwangi foods that you can taste when visiting Banyuwangi is "Precet", this Precet cake is a type of cake that is usually sold during the fasting month (Ramadan), and this Precet is used as one of the menus for breaking the fast, the Precet cake is processed using coconut milk as a savory flavor enhancer, and also given natural food coloring that comes from plants, this cake is very colorful, some are green, white, red and  surely these colors will attract anyone's attention.

This precet is a kind of "Kolak" (sweet coconut milk soup), processed using steamed bananas, then peeled, or commonly referred to as "Banana Sobo" or commonly called "Banana Kepok", or you can use a kind of "Banana Tanduk", and combined with other ingredients using granulated sugar, this Precet cake can be said to be a type of wet cake, because the cooking process is not fried, it needs your attention, that this cake cannot be used as a souvenir for long trips.

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