Raja Lima Bukit Atuh Molenteng

Raja Lima Bukit Atuh Molenteng, Bali

Nusa Penida, Bali is one of the tourist attraction areas which has many destinations, both by foreign and local tourists. The island which is located on the east side of the island of Bali, presents many beautiful beach tours, and is rarely known.
This time the Java Private Tour will review the Raja Lima Bukit Atuh area, located in the eastern Nusa Penida in one of the favorite destinations in Bali, and recommend it for your vacation plans, let's explore Bali with the Java Private Tour.
Most travelers who come to Nusa Penida definitely visit the west, where there are Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach which are very popular on social media, but you also have to visit the eastern part of Raja Lima or Molenteng.
To go to Raja Lima, we can depart from Sanur Harbor Denpasar to Banjar Nyuh Port on Nusa Penida, the crossing time is approximately 45 minutes from Sanur port to Nusa Penida Banjar Port, and it takes about 1.5 hours from Banjar Port  Nyuh Nusa Penida headed to Raja Lima by using the private transportation service facility of Java Private Tour to reach Raja Lima or Molenteng.
The road to Raja Lima is quite good and almost 95 percent has been paved, but the width of the road is quite narrow and the character of the land is hilly, and is on the edge of a cliff, so it requires good skills for each driver who crosses the road.
The first place you will visit is Molenteng, Raja Lima, a little down from the parking area, we are immediately presented with such a beautiful view. Cluster of small islands from a distance with very blue beach water and certainly will be very spoil our eyes.
One of the well-known spots in Raja Lima is the tree house. But to reach the tree house requires extra stamina, because we have to go down the stairs from a steep cliff, about 20 meters long, very interesting isn't it, really a fun adventure, don't worry, even though it's a bit steep, but the steps are quite safe because  along the stairs mounted mine to hold.
In the middle of the stairs to the tree house, we can stop for a moment to take pictures. From there you will see a beautiful view of Diamond Beach, about 10 minutes down the stairs, we can rest or just take pictures of the tree house. There are three tree houses that we can visit and use for photographs. Even if you are interested in staying overnight, Java Private Tour can also arrange it for you.
From the tree house, we also can still climb the hill about 10 meters. On it there is still a spot to take pictures with a very beautiful scenery. Up a little, bamboo huts available for us to rest or just take shelter, this tree house is usually a visiting traveler can do photo hunting. A variety of interesting angles you can do and you upload on social media. After you are satisfied doing a photography session at Tree House, try going up again, from here you will be hypnotized by an island formation that reminds us of Piaynemo, Raja Ampat Papua, if we are lucky, and the weather during the visit is very sunny, it will be very clear  blue sea, green grass, clean blue sky and white sandy beach from a distance. So pretty!

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