Red Island Beach

Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach is located in the village of Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. The distance is about 80 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi itself is a district located at the eastern end of the island of Java, so it has a famous nickname, Sunrise of Java. Because of its location, Banyuwangi has many beautiful places to visit, especially the beach. One such beach is Red Island Beach.
Traveling to Banyuwangi is easy.  You can use almost all types of transportation to go there.  You can use a bus or train, or you can use an airplane to Blimbingsari Airport. If you are from the eastern part of Indonesia, you can start with a boat that travels to the Ketapang Harbor in Banyuwangi. But on the contrary, if you want to go to a tourist destination in Banyuwangi then it won't be as easy as going to Banyuwangi City, because there are only a few transportation methods that can be used.  Moreover, many destinations are located far from the main road, and must enter the forest or cross the river, so you need a special vehicle, and a very experienced driver. But don't worry, because the Java Private Tour and its best crew are ready to serve everything you need to explore Banyuwangi, so now if you want to go to Red Island Beach, you can simply contact the Java Private Tour and our Customer Service Representative will arrange everything you need right away. 
Pulau Merah Beach gets its name from the red land that makes it up, which creates a 200 meter hill located near the beach.  Even though it's composed by red earth, it's not as red as its name if you look at it from a distance.  Instead, you will see it as a green hill because there is a lot of vegetation on the hill. You can go uphill on foot when the water is receding. If you want to see the most beautiful view of Red Island Beach, you must visit it in the morning to see the sunrise or at dawn to see the sunset. However, many tourists say that they would rather watch the sunset together, and then camp at night. You can reach Red Island Beach for about 3 hours from the city of Banyuwangi via road conditions that are not too bad, even the Java Private Tour can also park vehicles that bring you near the beach, so you only need to walk a little to reach the beach.
If you are a lover of surfing, Red Island Beach is the right place for you, because it has big and wild waves that are ideal for surfing because it is located on the southern coast of Java Island. Over the past two years, international surfing competitions have been held in May, attracting many travelers from other countries. The competition is divided into three categories: international, national and local.  So, for local and national surfers, they can prove their ability to surf.
Red Island is one of the tourist destinations in the South Sea region. The natural scenery can still be seen by visitors who want to spend their vacation. Red island beaches are a new alternative for surfers who want to challenge strong waves. Whether you are an amateur or professional surfer, you will have fun when you visit the beach.  When you come, you will agree that Red Island is considered a hidden pearl in Java. Pulau Merah is also synonymous with white sand.  The natural scenery of the island and the hill with a height of 200 meters around the coast looks so amazing.  Exotic scenery will accompany surfers who challenge the strong waves.  In fact, you can see a lot of pandanus trees along the beach.  The surface of the area on the coast is covered by green trees.  That is why people will like it because this combination makes it so different.
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