Rengganis Crater

Rengganis Crater, Bandung

If you have not had the opportunity to feel the pleasure of bathing in the onsen in Japan there or a hot spring at the foot of Mount Fuji, then you can come to Rengganis Crater Bandung Ciwidey, which is in the southern part of Bandung, Rengganis Crater offers a special sensation, from the landscape to the atmosphere.
The beauty of the natural charm and hot water in the Rengganis Ciwidey Crater did not form suddenly, this area was an eruption of the Ancient Sunda Mountain that occurred since millions of years ago. Active craters from the eruption of the mountain until now still exist and become a tourist attraction.  The beauty of Rengganis Crater is formed by nature, so that its beauty is truly natural.
The cool area of ​​Bandung has become fertile ground for the growth of tea trees. The expanse of tea trees with green leaves hides surprise. One of them is this Rengganis Crater.  Yes.  Rengganis Crater is in the area of ​​tea plantations owned by the Republic of Indonesia PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII.
The plantation is located in Cibuni Village, Patengan Village, Rancabali, Bandung Regency.  Can you imagine the combination of cold and cool air typical of tea plantations with warm natural water?, for sure, soaking here can make you feel calm and comfort.
As in some natural hot spring baths, Rengganis Ciwidey Crater is also believed to be able to treat various diseases.  Natural warm water, containing sulfur which is said to help cure diseases.  Including the mud.  So that visitors who come, deliberately smearing the body with mud from the area, so it's similar to a spa treatment. Although it sounds strange, but this uniqueness is worth a try!
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