Ronde Titoni, 73 year old recipe

Ronde Titoni, 73 year old recipe, Malang

The cool city of Malang is very suitable to be accompanied by the warmth of this special drink, in Javanese culinary terms, this dish is all forms of warm drinks made from ginger, lemongrass and Javanese sugar, in it is also mixed with square or sometimes round jelly, which comes from rice flour filled with liquid sugar which when you bite it will break and release liquid sugar that will taste delicious in your mouth.

"Ronde Titoni", is one of the legendary culinary delights that is quite famous in Malang, this culinary mix with traditional drinks from China, Ronde Titoni has been around since 1948, or to be precise 73 years ago, as with body warmers in general, Ronde Titoni is a snack sauce which consists of balls of white glutinous rice flour, and the sauce has a distinctive taste, consisting of sugar, ginger, lemongrass, pandanus leaves, lime leaves, cloves to cinnamon.  Meanwhile, the ball contains peeled peanuts with a combination of liquid brown sugar.

Mr.Abi Titoni, is the owner of Ronde Titoni which is currently located on Jalan Esberg Tidar, Malang City, East Java, he is the second generation of successors to this hot drink business, before settling on his own land as it is now, Ronde Titoni was founded and raised by his late father, who when he just started a beverage business selling by carrying his wares, moving from one village to another in the Malang region, and the name Titoni is taken from the name of the area where when he first settled for a while and has his own land even though it is not fully his property as it is now, In the past, when it was still managed by his father, this titoni round shop was temporarily located in front of a watch shop called Titoni in the Pasar Besar area of ​​Malang.

This warm drink recipe was passed down by his father directly from his extended family who came from China, because Abi Titoni's parents were indeed Chinese citizens who moved to the city of Malang. Java Private Tour always visit this place to do a Private Culinary Tour by introducing this typical East Java drink dish to every foreign guest, this place is never empty of visitors, apart from foreigners, many visitors come from outside the region, such as from Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali, This Ronde Titoni is indeed very special and highly recommended by Java Private Tour.

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