Sabang Street

Sabang Street, Jakarta


Jakarta has a famous area that foodies consider to be a culinary paradise. Located near busy Thamrin Road, Sabang Street is Jakarta's best street scene in Jakarta. This road runs about 2-3 km behind Sarinah Shopping Mall.  Restaurants and cafes line up neatly to the left and right.  However, a new culinary party starts around the afternoon.
When the sun goes down, street food vendors start to open their stalls, and open their tents and fill the sidewalks, slowing night traffic. Pedestrians who are hungry after work, will stop their vehicles and start queuing to order, not only local residents, foreign tourists, and expatriates from the embassy office in a tie and suit also joined in this street food chaos.
The variety of food in the Sabang area is astounding. Try not to be overwhelmed with food choices, many delicious foods from various regions in Indonesia, Betawi food, Javanese food, or Minang specialty foods in Sumatra for that night. The choices are many for everyone, not only because of the diversity of food, but the Sabang street is also preferred because of its price range, which ranges from low to medium.
Street food here is very legendary, because it is famous for decades ago. It can be said that on both sides of the sidewalk along Sabang Street, from the afternoon, it has been controlled by food vendors (kaki lima), they use food carts, as well as plastic benches under makeshift tents as facilities for visitors who want to eat on the spot. Others open food stalls using cars parked on the sidewalk, a kind of small food truck.
You must be curious about what foods are offered on Sabang Street, the most top of mind is goat fried rice, and it is proven that there are quite a number of competing fried rice traders here, someone gave the name of the stall as "Crazy Fried Rice" (nasi goreng gila), the point might be that after eating, people will comment: "Crazy, really good".
Other foods are satay, soto, meatballs, martabak, and seafood.  But if you want to be more comfortable, you can also go to this restaurant on Sabang Street, one of the famous ones is Garuda Restaurant which provides Padang and Malay Medan cuisine.

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