Shang Hyang Teraje Waterfall Experience

Shang Hyang Teraje Waterfall Experience, Garut

There are other beautiful things in Garut that are interesting to explore. The Java Private Tour will take you to the natural beauty of Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall which is wrapped in the cool air similar to Switzerland, but we call it the Swiss Van Java, which is located in Pakenjeng Village, Garut Regency, West Of Java.
This waterfall looks very majestic, in Sundanese, 'sanghyang' has a meaning as a term for a deity or king in ancient times, while 'taraje' means ladder. So, Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall can be interpreted as a ladder used by the gods to get to heaven. At a glance from afar, these twin waterfalls are indeed like giant towering stairs. Various legends envelop this 82 meter high waterfall. One of the famous is the story of Sangkuriang who used this waterfall to take a month dedicated to Dayang Sumbi. This legend is the origin of Tangkuban Perahu.
If this is indeed the waterfall of the gods, there must be a magical impression that can be felt.  One of the real is the eyes, ears, and mind that are refreshed when enjoying the atmosphere.  As if hypnotized to sit for long stare at this waterfall. Before getting to this waterfall, you will first enjoy a trip through the fog with views of the tea garden, then the sound of Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall begins to be heard after 10 minutes on foot. Magnificent curug began to appear behind the lush trees and leaves, as if opening the curtain of nature.

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