Share Happiness with Nursing Home Residents

Share Happiness with Nursing Home Residents, JAVA BALI

Do you still remember the news about a mother abandoned by her child, so she had to live in a nursing home ?, How do you feel? Imagine if it was us in old age.

A child cannot live without parents, when we were little, parents who care for us with love without limits, then what if we have grown up?

As we grow into adults, at the same time our parents enter old age. But not all parents get love from their children or from their families. They must live in a nursing home, spend their old age without being accompanied by their children and families.

Java Private Tour wants to create a moment of warmth and educational media to raise awareness for filial piety and love for parents. These elderly people are indeed not our biological parents, but those elderly people out there are people who need help from us together.

All humanitarian activities carried out by the Java Private Tour are based on personal initiative from the Java Private Tour, and there is no assistance or connection with the Indonesian Government. But all movements from humanitarian activities made by the Java Private Tour are very limited, and will not be able to continue to be done alone by me and my team, we need support from various countries outside Indonesia.

As proof of the help you provide and collected, we distribute it well to people who really need it, so we will document every humanitarian activity on our social media and website, Java Private Tour and its creative team are currently trying hard to develop everything so that it can be useful for many people.

For those of you who intend to make a donation can be sent via a transfer between bank accounts, paypall, western union and can provide information "donations" on the news of money transfers, or for the sake of discipline and a mandate to facilitate the channelling in order not to mix with other funds, please add the nominal 1–(one cents), For Example : Rp. 100.013,- or Rp. 200.001,- or Rp. 300.001, and so on. Please confirm if you have made a transfer, so that we can immediately distribute the assistance you provide to those who need it.

Or if you want to provide assistance in the form of food or other things, for more information you can connect to our live chat service or email or whatsapps listed on this website.


*Click HERE to see our Humanitarian Activities.

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Bank Name : Bank Central Asia

Account Name : Edu Lahar Pragowo

IBAN/BBAN/Account number : 6610644404


Code Branch : 0146610

Bank address : BCA KCP Proklamasi Depok West Java Indonesia


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