Sidoarjo Mudflow

Sidoarjo Mudflow, Surabaya


Who is not familiar with this natural phenomenon, imagine that it has been 14 years since May 20, 2006 that this natural phenomenon has become part of the Delta city.  Many tears have been wasted from the victims as a result of this incident.  Investigate a calibaration, various efforts have been made by the government to overcome natural phenomena that submerged 16 villages in these three sub-districts, including by making embankments to stem mud puddle areas, making mud flow paths for the process of disposal of sewage sludge into the Brantas river which directly goes to the  sea ​​in order to reduce the volume of mud which is increasingly growing. Over time until now, now this natural phenomenon has been transformed into an attractive tourism object.  Only with a strategic place now Lapindo Mudflow Tourism is a tourist attraction that is loved by local and foreign tourists.
As far as the writers experience, Lapindo Mud Tours are truly amazing as if we were reminded that in fact we as ordinary people are very small and insignificant when compared to the greatness of God the Most. When the writer had the opportunity to visit the Lapindo Mud Tourism object, the writer could not say anything.  It was clear that the expanse of mud that had hardened and the breeze that felt cool slightly removed the heat from the heat of the sun.
and certainly this tour also presents unique spots for visitors to capture the moment through a photograph.  Like statues in the form of humans who are carrying a variety of household furniture, as if describing the character of local residents who are victims of the mud.

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