Skylodge Parang Mountain Via Ferrata Experience

Skylodge Parang Mountain Via Ferrata Experience, Purwakarta

For those of you who like extreme and anti mainstream things, you should try to feel the sensation of staying overnight in this Purwakarta hanging hotel, a sensational experience that must be tried once in a lifetime.
Java Private Tour always has its own way to find hidden paradise.  Purwakarta, is a small city in the West Java region that successfully attracted the attention of the world, with the construction of the highest hanging or skylodge hotel in the world, this Purwakarta hanging hotel defeated Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru which is famous for being extreme among world travelers. Java Private Tour will review it for you as the best reference for your Java-Bali adventure plan.
If the Skylodge Adventure Suites Peru has a height of 122 meters, then the Skylodge Purwakarta is even higher at around 400 or even 900 meters, more challenging isn't it!. The hotel, which was inaugurated in October 2018, was indeed inspired by the Peru skylodge, and even the design looks similar, as well as the materials are in accordance with international safety standards. To be able to reach this hotel, you have to climb a cliff as high as 400-900 meters, and it depends on the hotel at what height you want, and after climbing at the height you want, then you cross by hanging on a rope (tyrolean) or  use an iron ladder (via ferrata) to climb. Not only is the thrill of a thrill staying overnight on a cliff with naturally beautiful scenery, but you will also experience the experience of climbing the cliffs of Mount Parang with Via Ferrata.  Regarding safety and safety during the climb you do not need to worry, because you will wear a complete climbing equipment, and of course international standard, and will be guided by a professional guide.
Rooms in Skylodge Purwakarta are 2.5 x 6 square meters, with a height of about 2.4 meters, wide enough if only used for a maximum of two people, When staying overnight at Skylodge Purwakarta, you don't need to worry about how to take a shower or about your dining needs in the middle of the night, because this hotel has been equipped with complete facilities such as air conditioning, electric plugs, mattresses, pillows, blankets, lamps, TV, dining tables,  glass, spoon, handy talkie, gallon of mineral water, sink, microwave, electric heater, and portable toilet.  This is a glamorous camper combined with a romantic and extreme atmosphere.
feel the extreme glamping experience at the first skylodge in Asia, and the highest skylodge in the world!, hung on the steep cliffs of Mount Parang, the skylodge will give you views of rice fields, rocky mountains and jatiluhur dams, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from skylodge. With Java Private Tour you will understand the true meaning of adventure.

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