Social Care For The Successor Of The Nation

Social Care For The Successor Of The Nation, Jakarta

Orphans Donations for Abandoned Children


Java Private Tour makes every effort to ensure all our activities have an impact on the environment, social, and also the economy that has a positive impact on the local community. We need your support in all the humanitarian activities that we are continuing to work on, and some are already underway for Java and Bali, and we are one of the tourism and transportation companies that support the use of environmentally friendly hotel, cottage and guesthouse accommodation, because this is a shared responsibility with our adventures and ongoing activities, and we strive to give the best return to the community. 


"Sharing is another form of gratitude, sharing with others without expecting anything".

"Friendship is not sought, but we create it ourselves, from a sense of sharing, understanding, and trusting. Sharing is not about how much and how valuable things you give, but how sincere what you want to give".

Thank you to the clients, and as well as friends of the Java Private Tour from Singapore, Dr. Mumtaz Yusoff, who have provided assistance, so that humanitarian events can run well and can be held last April, 30 2020.