Submarine Museum

Submarine Museum, Surabaya

Indonesia is well known as a country with a large maritime area. Legacy can still be enjoyed today, such as the Surabaya Submarine Monument. Namely a ship on land, intended as a museum building. Surabaya is also known as a city with great maritime power. Since time immemorial, this city has been the center of world trade. And the Submarine Monument (Monkasel) is proof that Surabaya has great maritime power.

This tourist attraction is open to the public every day. In fact, visitors can enjoy this attraction from morning until night. Because of its long operating hours, it is open from 08.00pm to 09.00pm.  Monkasel is an international scale monument from KRI Pasopati 410. This submarine is one of the Eastern Division Fleets. Mr. Basofi Soedirman, became the first stone layer in monument construction which began in July 1995. Although this monument is not a replica, but its construction is done by dividing the ship into 16 parts.  KRI Pasopati 410 was sliced ​​at PT PAL Indonesia, which was then reconnected. On July 15, 1998, Monkasel was officially opened and became a historical attraction in Surabaya.

This green monument is the largest submarine monument in Asia. Its construction originated from the idea of ​​senior Indonesian naval submarine crews, besides being a tourist, Monkasel was also built as a historical legacy of Indonesia as an Maritime Country.

The KRI Pasopati 410 which was used as a monument is a type of SS Whiskey Class, this ship has been serving in the Navy since January 29, 1962. KRI Pasopati 410 has a large role in maintaining Indonesian maritime law, one of which is in Operation Trikora.

KRI Pasopati 410 has a length of 76.6 x 6.30 meters, and weighs 1,300 tons. Its speed reaches 18.3 knots above sea level, and 13.6 knots below surface. Remarkably, the KRI Pasopati 410 is equipped with 12 gas tarps with a length of 7 meters. Inside there are 7 rooms, including the torpedo bow room and the diesel engine room. Also equipped with a commander's room and crew room. Then there is also the main bridge and the command center located close together. KRI Pasopati 410 was imported directly from Russia. Before bringing this submarine, young Indonesian sailors were sent to Russia in turns. In Russia they are undergoing rigorous training to become the crew of this ship. At that time, only Indonesia in the southern hemisphere had 12 submarines. The Whiskey Class became a diesel submarine that was feared by the NATO Block. In fact, even the Dutch at that time could not compete with Indonesian ships. The ability of the Whiskey Class is able to vibrate the Dutch fleet. Because, this submarine is armed by anti-air attack missiles. In addition, torpedo launchers on the stern and bow of the ship.

In addition to historical tours, Monkasel also provides other exciting rides. That is a swimming pool for children. Because it is intended for children, so the pool is shallow, and this place is devoted to swimming pools, so there are no other water rides. Unlike in Waterboom which has a lot of water rides. Even so, excitement is still created by the happy screams from the children.


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