Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbor is now a location for contemporary photography among cross generations, especially millennials, backgrounds in the form of ships, colorful containers, to the view of children swimming in the sea can be an interesting photo object and adorn some uploads in the social media, but do you know the history of the oldest harbor in Jakarta?, the following, Java Private Tour will review it as one of favorite destinations that you must visit if you come to Jakarta.
Sunda Kelapa, is the name of a port and its surroundings in the Jakarta area. This port is located in Penjaringan subdistrict, North Of Jakarta.
Although now Sunda Kelapa is only the name of one of the ports in Jakarta, this area is very important because the village around the Sunda Kelapa port is the forerunner of the city of Jakarta which was set on June 22, 1527. At that time Kalapa, its original name, was the port of the Sunda Kingdom, or better known at that time as the Kingdom of Pajajaran which had its capital in Pakuan Pajajaran (now called the city of Bogor), which was captured by Demak and Cirebon troops. 
Although the anniversary of the city of Jakarta was only set in the 16th century, the history of Sunda Kelapa began much earlier, namely in the days of the predecessors of Pajajaran, namely the Tarumanegara kingdom, the Tarumanegara Kingdom had been attacked and conquered by the Srivijaya kingdom from the island of Sumatra.
Kalapa Harbor has been known since the 12th century, and at that time was the most important port of the Kingdom of Pajajaran, then during the entry of Islam and the European Nations, Kalapa was contested by the Archipelago and European empires, which in the end the Dutch succeeded in mastering it long enough until more than  300 years old, these conquerors changed the name of the port of Kalapa and the surrounding area, but in the early 1970s, the ancient name of Kalapa was used again as the official name of this old port in the form of "Sunda Kelapa".

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