Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbor is now a location for contemporary photography among cross generations, especially millennials, backgrounds in the form of ships, colorful containers, to the view of children swimming in the sea can be an interesting photo object and adorn some uploads in the social media, but do you know the history of the oldest harbor in Jakarta?, the following, Java Private Tour will review it as one of favorite destinations that you must visit if you come to Jakarta.

The history of the city of Jakarta itself begins with an old port called Sunda Kelapa, which was changed to Jayakarta by Fatahillah, and experienced an expansion of territory when it was named Batavia in the Dutch Colonial era, then became Jakarta Tokubetsu Shi during the Japanese period in 1942 and was officially confirmed as Jakarta in 1949. 

Jakarta today is a sprawling metropolis, but Jakarta which in the 15th century used to be confined to a small area around the area known as Batavia which at that time was dominated by Europeans, in the 15th century the Dutch established a base in the port of Sunda Kelapa, which is the center of trade in the Jakarta area. Due to its very strategic position and quick access to natural resources, this port has become the most important center in the entire Indonesian archipelago because of the trade network in the past that led to the formation of the identity of the city of Jakarta to this day. In the 15th century the port of Sunda Kelapa had a very important role in the international spice route. Since the beginning of history until the end of the 18th century, Sunda Kelapa served as a major function as a commercial port center, Sunda Kelapa port became a market center and a maritime transit port in the East Indies, so that the historical process of development becomes a symbol of Jakarta's identity at this time.  Indeed, Sunda Kelapa Harbor has existed since the days of the Sunda Kingdom in the early centuries of the Common Era which then grew into an international port city called Jayakarta during the Sultanate of Banten, and in the 15th century the Dutch VOC established the colonial city of Batavia which became the forerunner of Jakarta, which in half a millennium the ancient port of Sunda Kelapa metamorphosed into Jayakarta, Batavia and finally Jakarta. Various buildings and relics are still left, complete with various stories that make Sunda Kelapa one of the most fascinating places in the capital.

Sunda Kelapa to the process of becoming 'Batavia' which started as a simple settlement, then turned into a coordinated settlement, and became a trading center city, and in the end made the city of Jakarta as the center of power, even now it has become a metropolitan city, this is due to the inseparable maritime knowledge The Austronesian peoples that had been engraved long before the Europeans implemented a monopoly on the spice trade and colonization of the region, and starting in the 15th century, shipping has begun to be carried out insular and inter-insular in forming a trading network in the archipelago.


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