Surabaya's pride is the uniqueness of the legendary Clover Salad (Pecel Semanggi)

Surabaya's pride is the uniqueness of the legendary Clover Salad (Pecel Semanggi), Surabaya

White Clover Salad (pecel semanggi), is a special food from Surabaya, East Java, made from steamed clover leaves (Four Leaf Clover/White Clover), and then enjoyed with a delicious spicy chili sauce, clover can also be served with bean sprouts, water spinach, sticky rice "uli" made from rice, and seasonings made from sweet potatoes, sauces or condiments used in clover food have different raw materials and flavors. This food can be said to be a type of salad, but Javanese style salad.

As the name implies, this semanggi pecel does not use vegetables like pecel in general, but uses clover leaves, this clover leaf is a type of fern plant and is small in shape with only a few centimeters in height. The presentation is still the same as other pecel, namely by boiling it first, not only clover leaves, but also added sprouts (bean sprouts) in this pecel.

The uniqueness that characterizes the pecel semanggi Surabaya, is the marinade, which is made from a mixture of sweet potato, peanuts, brown sugar, and paste, another uniqueness of the way to enjoy this clover pecel is not using a spoon and fork, but with crackers, this yellow, large rectangular-shaped cracker with a savory and crunchy taste is called puli cracker which is made from rice.

The serving of this semanggi pecel from the past until now still uses folded banana leaves, this is what adds to the culinary pleasure of Surabaya's pride, this Surabaya Semanggi Pecel is very rare, why? Because you can only find it in the city of Surabaya, and even then it only exists in several points in the city of Surabaya, one of which is around the Al-Akbar Mosque area of ​​Surabaya City, and in the Benowo area. 




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