Surabaya's typical Lisidu satay

Surabaya's typical Lisidu satay, Surabaya

Lisidu Chicken Satay began to be sold in 1997, Sate lisidu is located at Kutai Street Number 53, Wonokromo, Surabaya, East Java. Departing from selling in the garage of a house, and moving locations several times, finally now being able to settle in the Darmo Regency area. The name "Lisidu" was also originally very simple. Inspired by the 1997 Toyota Kijang Rover silver plate number L 1551 DU, owned by the owner of Satay Lisidu named Mr. Istianto, which when read the license plate number becomes "Lisidu".

In appearance, the Lisidu Chicken Satay actually tends to be clean with not a lot of charcoal attached to the meat. The satay taste is totally different from the peanut-flavored satay in Indonesia, the satay texture is soft when bitten, and soft when chewed, the aroma of the peanut sauce is strong with a sweet and savory taste that is very dominating.

Chicken satay consists of two kinds, "organic" chicken satay, and non-organic chicken satay. The non organic chicken satay tastes tender without fat, but the organic chicken satay is also amazingly delicious. Each skewer consists of one part of the chicken, you can choose which part you want, whether the chest, thighs, skin, or innards. Combined with warm rice and soup will be even more delicious this dish.

Lisidu Chicken Satay is different from general Satay, because it processes and serves it also differently. Made from chicken meat of young chicken hen who are still young, each puncture contains 4-5 pieces of meat that is directly burned on the coals, but before it is burned, the satay is cooked with a mixture of typical Javanese spices.

The flat shape of the satay makes the marinade so much deeper in each piece of meat, and large pieces of meat add to the satisfaction of appetite. The special peanut spice, made from Tuban beans typical of East Java, has prepared the roasted beans through a roasting process and perfectly ground, so that the sweet and very special taste on the tongue.


This Lisidu satay dish is very legendary, to the point that several times was chosen by national and international food experts to serve the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia on the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence Day, so make no mistake if this Presidential Palace dish is highly recommended by the Java Private Tour if you are visiting Surabaya. The special food of the city of Surabaya displays something unique, both in terms of appearance because of its flat shape and when it is burned, the condition of the meat that is clean without charcoal, will create a different sensation from the other satay in every bite you feel from top to bottom.




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