Tanah Abang Market Shopping Tour Experience

Tanah Abang Market Shopping Tour Experience, Jakarta

Tanah Abang Market is not only known in Jakarta or Indonesia, this textile center is known for its popularity as far as the African Continent. In addition to diverse fashion and textile products, the price is varied. Java Private Tour will review it for you, and you can make it a reference as your next itinerary.

Java Private Tour suggests a number of things so that you feel comfortable when shopping, if you visit the Tanah Abang Market you better visit it on a normal day, in the sense that Monday to Friday i could say not as busy as on weekends. This allows you to shop with ease. Or other options visit on a normal day on week 2. Because in this period not too many visitors come. In addition to visiting on a normal day, it is also advisable to come during morning time at 10:00 am so it is not too crowded.

The more you enter the market the price of goods will be cheaper than the front of the Tanah Abang Market, the best choice is to shop at Block A or Block B, especially if you buy goods in large quantities, many visitors visit Tanah Abang market. indeed plan to buy goods in large quantities, because if buying in large quantities will be possible to get a good discount.

Shopping to Tanah Abang, in general, buyers want to make large purchases, because the price will be much cheaper or get a large discount when buying in large quantities, although there are some sellers who do not sell their goods in retail, however, it can be done  with negotiations, you as a buyer are welcome to negotiate, for example : whether buying a dozen, half a dozen, even a quarter of a dozen, this can be adjusted to the budget you have, and this is where its advantages if you visit the tanah abang market by using services from the Java Private Tour, because you can rent a car as well as an English-speaking driver who can be your tour guide, and even since June 2000 the Java Private Tour has a "Tanah Abang Market Shopping Tour Experience" segmentation that can help you to negotiate and communicate using local languages ​​with  local traders in Tanah Abang Market, so you can get a fair price.

And one more thing you need to remember, don't forget to check the quality of the goods before buying, because in Tanah Abang Market, the law applies : there is a price, then there is the quality of the goods, the more expensive the price, the quality is also better, don't just want a cheap price, but ignores the quality of the goods purchased, do the bargaining process appropriately, because in the Tanah Abang Market bargaining is a very reasonable thing. But understanding each other is also very important, especially for traders who are certainly hoping for profit. The crew from the Java Private Tour will assist in bidding price techniques, can gradually until they get a joint agreement.  This mutual understanding will build trust to become a customer, if you already know each other, then it can be easier to get goods according to the budget.

If you plan to visit Tana Abang Market by public transportation, including using the TransJakarta Bus, or public transportation, and taxis, it will certainly be very difficult and even troublesome for you. Because the location of this market is very crowded and it will be confusing for those of you who visit it for the first time, especially if you are a foreign citizen, so simply contact Java Private Tour, we will assist all your activities, and ensure your safety and comfort in the Tanah Abang Market, and you will feel what it's like to be a local person, and get a real local experience with Java Private Tour.


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