Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung, Banten

Located 4 hours drive from Jakarta, Tanjung Lesung is a city of special economic zones developed by "Jababeka" and is an international tourist destination. Currently available hotels, beach clubs, diving centers, Mongoli cultural centers and golf courses built by Jababeka. Tanjung Lesung is also an entry point for tourists who will visit Ujung Kulon National Park and Krakatau Island.
In Tanjung Lesung there is a beach club, you can enjoy the crystal clear beach, many beachside games such as swings in the water, boat boats, rino splas, snorkling and many more. The island with an area of ​​around 17,000 hectares has a variety of potential natural tourism objects that are very interesting such as mangrove forests, coastal forests, lowland rain forests, various types of wildlife such as deer, deer, wild boar, long-tailed macaques, and various types of birds, Archa  Ganesha along with other historical heritage objects which have high historical value and are relics of the ancient Hindu era the place is at the peak of Mount Raksa, marine tourism activities such as diving and snorkeling, and ripples that are high enough to be suitable for surfing.
Enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery at Tanjung Lesung Sea.  Our dive guides will guide you to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery spots while diving to see the sunken Dutch ship. This activity can be attended by beginners who do not have diving certification or professional divers, and those who like underwater photography. In addition to diving and snorkeling, tourists who love fishing can also take part in fresh sea fishing activities.
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