Tempoyang, Lampung

The city of Lampung, which is across from the island of Java, is known as a city that also produces delicious specialties, Therefore, if you visit Lampung, you should not forget to taste this delicious dish typical of the Lampung region.

Do you know durian fruit?, and do you want to try processed foods from durian? So if you visit Lampung you are obliged to try this typical food from Lampung city called "Tempoyang", This durian product is very legendary in the city of Lampung and is a food that uses the basic ingredients of durian fruit that has gone through a fermentation process, and this Tempoyang is a food commonly consumed as a side dish.

The manufacturing process is also quite easy, namely by processing durian meat which does not have a lot of water content, so that it can produce a good taste, and you should look for durian with good quality and ripe, then peel the durian fruit and separate the seeds from the durian flesh then add a little salt.

Then you can add enough cayenne pepper, if all is finished then store the durian in a closed place, or you can also put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 5 days to speed up the fermentation process and produce delicious tempoyang, and after going through the fermentation process, you can immediately process it with fish mixture, the fish that are usually used are quite diverse such as tilapia, anchovies, carp, and don't forget you have to mix garlic and shallots, chilies are finely chopped or chopped  cut into small pieces, add a little sugar, then fry for about 3 minutes, once it is enough then the Tempoyang is ready to serve with other foods.

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