The Black Bridge Jatinegara

The Black Bridge Jatinegara, Jakarta

Jatinegara, is an area in the eastern city of Jakarta, some people say this place is famous for its traffic jams, a lower class prostitution place, but who would have thought, there is also a unique place to explore. Jakarta is a big city that has a lot of stories, in almost every corner we can find interesting places and stories behind it. In addition to the Old Town area, the Jatinegara region also has its own story, one of which is the Black Bridge (Jembatan Item).

Hearing the name "Black Bridge" for some people might immediately think of a black bridge, but make no mistake, the black bridge located in Rawa Bunga, Jatinegara, East Jakarta is a paradise for used goods or flea.  This place is also known as the Jatinegara flea market.

In an area of ​​two kilometers, you can find a variety of used equipment. Starting from vehicle spare parts, shoes, bags, watches, fans, cellphones, clothes, tapes, kitchen equipment, cameras, agate, sports equipment, and other items that have never been thought of by you before, until the antique items. Some merchants peddle merchandise with small tables or use old banners.

The hot afternoon atmosphere did not reduce the enthusiasm of sellers and buyers to trade in there. A good time to visit there is 07 am to 01 pm, although this place is open until midnight, security reasons are the main factor. As the name suggests, used goods at the Jatinegara flea market are sold at cheap prices.  If you are good at bargaining, then the trader does not hesitate to reduce the price of his merchandise.

Buyers here always bid for merchandise to be purchased, and that is a natural thing, and traders do not mind lowering the price of the merchandise.  Although the profits obtained by traders only range from Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 (under 1USD).

The variety of goods sold is a description of various products sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Because the goods are used goods, you can call the flea market at the Item Bridge as "Hyper flea mart". Those who sell there usually mix their wares with various types. However, there are also those who specialize in selling certain items, if you talk about quality, it all depends on your intelligence, foresight, and your luck as a buyer. But, the price of goods offered at this place is certainly far cheaper than antique specialty stores.

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If you plan to visit Black Bridge by public transportation, such as using the TransJakarta Bus, or public transportation, and taxis, it will certainly be very difficult and even troublesome for you.  Because the location of this market is very crowded, and your safety factor is the reason why there must be local people who accompany you, especially if you are a foreign citizen, so just contact Java Private Tour, we will help organize all your activities, and ensure your safety and comfort at the Black Bridge, and you will feel what it's like to be a local person, and get real local experience with Java Private Tour.


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