Ubud Traditional Art Market

Ubud Traditional Art Market, Bali

Bali Island has many traditional art markets with its own unique value as one of the interesting tourist places to visit, the traditional art market in Bali is very famous among international tourists, because the uniqueness of the traditional art market in Bali is different from other countries, and even other regions  in Indonesia, so many foreign tourists are interested in visiting this traditional art market while on holiday in Bali. Merchandise available at the traditional art market usually include: T-shirts decorated with Balinese Barong mask screen printing, silver rings and necklaces, Balinese art designs, beach cloths, Balinese snacks, paintings and sculptures with Balinese carvings.

Java Private Tour will review the Ubud Traditional Art Market and recommend it to you as one of your favorite destinations that you should enter in your list of visits for your next vacation plan in Bali. Because of the uniqueness of the Ubud Traditional Art Market, even Hollywood is interested in making films in this market, you can see scenes in the film titled Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Robert and Javier Bardem.

Its very strategic location is in the center of Ubud's Bali tourism, and also the location of the traditional art market of Ubud is in front of the palace of the king of Ubud named Puri Saren Ubud, besides that the traditional market of Ubud is also adjacent to other favorite tourist attractions such as Ubud Monkey Forest and  Tegalalang Terraced Rice Fields.

Java Private Tour also recommends that the best time to visit the traditional art market in Ubud is in the morning, with the intention that you feel comfortable and not too crowded, because if you visit in the afternoon it will be more crowded and full of visits by other tourists.  Merchandise in the Ubud traditional market is classified as high quality at a relatively cheap price. Most traders take merchandise directly from home craftsmen, which is what makes the price of goods cheaper.

The Ubud art market is very large and has multi-storey buildings.  You can visit the western part of this market because you will find more traders selling merchandise in the form of handicrafts and arts. If you are a fan of Balinese paintings and want to see a collection of paintings from famous painters, but of course at a price that is not cheap, then you can visit the painting museum around Ubud Area Bali.

Plan your vacation in Bali with Java Private Tour, explore nature, culture and art in Bali with us, then you will understand the true meaning of Bali.


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