Waterfall Abseiling Experience

Waterfall Abseiling Experience, Bandung

When the edge of a cliff feels so steep to climb usually climbers use a technique called abseiling to pass safely. Climbers around the world use a variety of techniques, both for climbing or descending mountains.  One of the techniques of going down a cliff especially during dangerous times is abseiling.

Abseiling is a way to control the process of going down a cliff using special tools and safeguards. The word abseiling itself comes from the German word ‘abseilen’ which means to go down the rope. This technique was originally popularized by Jean Esteril Charlet, a guide who discovered a roping method called abseiling.

There are various methods in abseiling and also various climbing equipment that must be used. The most important equipment in abseiling is a helmet, to protect the head from falling stones. Special climbing gloves or gloves are also needed especially in professional climbers, pro abseilers, and the military. This is to protect the palm of the hand from the rope, make sure the gloves are made of strong material.

The rope used for the abseiling technique is usually a group of strings arranged in such a way.  Harnesses are also used around the waist to secure the climber.  Mountain boots or boots are needed so that the feet are able to properly step on the cliff surface.

Do you want to do a private tour that triggers adrenaline?

Extreme sports by going down a cliff or abseiling in the Celak Gunung Halu area of ​​Bandung, West Java, can be one of your choices. It is different from going down a regular cliff, because you are invited to go down a cliff whose terrain is wet and slippery, which is a waterfall cliff, enjoy the beauty of the waterfall in a different way with Java Private Tour Waterfall Abseiling Experience.

Rappeling or Abseiling is a technique to go down a cliff by relying on equipment, usually on a high hill or cliff.  However, this time it is much more challenging adrenaline because it is done by going down the cliff of a waterfall.

Slippery and wet terrain conditions make this sport more exciting for fans. The waterfall in the village of Celak, located on Mount Halu, West Java, was chosen by the nature-loving community to descend, because the gentle slope and waterfall height reached between 25-45 meters. Not only male, rappeling down the waterfall is a favorite of Female too. Of course, before starting this sport all safety and security equipment has been prepared by the Java Private Tour crew, such as karmantel, hardness, descender, carabiner, webbing, and a special climbing rope that is strong, and for the installation of this safety tool was installed carefully by a team of experts from the Java Private Tour.

In addition to adding experience, the Java Private Tour Waterfall Abseiling Experience wants to introduce and provide adventure education more broadly about the Abseiling world.  Because Abseiling activities are not too well known by the world community.

Do you want to practice rappeling and trigger adrenaline by going down a waterfall with Java Private Tour Waterfall Abseiling Experience?

Abseiling for some people is a very fun activity. Usually done by professionals, down the cliff in a controlled manner and enjoy extraordinary landscapes. That's what makes many "adrenaline junkies" make abseiling their favorite sport. The good news, abseiling can be learned slowly, and for those of you who are beginners can also try it, but of course with the direction of professional climbers, if the training process goes smoothly, you can do the abseiling like a professional.


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