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Lately the development of buses in Indonesia is so rapid, this makes it so many models available and increasingly support your comfort in traveling.

Buses with the new model are free to roam the streets between provinces in Java and Bali, it can be seen now that there are a lot of service companies making custom-made vehicle bodies (karoseri) offering High Deck (HD) buses or commonly known as high-floor buses,  both the High Deck, SHD (Super High Decker) models and the DD (Double Deck) models. The difference between HD and non HD buses can be seen from the name printed on the body of the bus like a brand, and clearly visible HD buses are higher than non HD.

Maybe among you do not know what the different bus models available in Indonesia, this time the Java Private Tour will review more about the types of Bus Non HD, HD, SHD, HDD, DG, and DD Level Bus, we hope that the explanation we made can make it easier for you to know what type of bus you want to use later, which  certainly suits your needs.

Non HD Bus / Normal Deck Bus.

This is a bus period before 2009, and there are bumps like "grave" next to the driver's seat (this is the engine room), this bus was often used to serve economic travel, this is a type of Non HD Bus aka Normal Deck Bus. Non-HD buses have the characteristics of a height of about 3000 mm to 3300 mm, the height of the driver's seat is parallel to the passenger seat, the trunk is not broad, and the body appearance is rectangular, and has a special characteristic that is there is an engine room beside the driver.

High Deck Bus (HD).

As the name suggests, the High Deck Bus is a type of bus that has a higher floor than Non HD.  This bus began to trend in 2009. Starting with the emergence of the New Marcopolo Bodywork company from the Adiputro, Trisakti Phoenix, and Laksana Legacy companies, there are still many who use this one.

To distinguish HD and Non HD buses namely HD Bus has the characteristics of a bus height of about 3400 mm to 3500 mm, in plain view it is difficult to distinguish between HD and Non HD buses from outside. However, we can distinguish the interior shape, namely the driver's seat on the HD bus is lower than the passenger seat, and there is no bulge in the engine room next to the driver.

Super High Deck Bus (SHD).

This is a bus model that is currently trending. The SHD Bus was introduced by Gaikindo (Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries) at the GIIAS (Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show) event in 2015. First built on Scania Chassis with type K360iB, then became the flagship fleet of several bus rental companies in Indonesia, one of which was the Java Private Tour.

Most of these SHDs are built on Hino Chassis RK8 type, Mercedes Benz OH1839 type, and Scania K360iB type. The characteristics of Jetbus SHD are about 3900 mm high, having wide luggage, even a motorcycle can be put into the trunk, and the most striking feature of this bus is that it can be seen from the windshield that uses double glass and has a divider or glass bar front. At the rear, the grill is higher than the regular High Deck Bus.

The appearance of the SHD bus is long, the body bus is sturdy, and elegant, and this is excellent, our clients have to go far in advance to make a reservation if they want to rent this bus, because this is one of the most popular buses.

Talking about the interior, the SHD bus is designed luxuriously and comfortably which allows passengers to feel satisfied enjoying the view during the trip.  Equipped with a number of safety features and super-sophisticated facilities, and the interior design of this bus is very interesting.

High Deck (HDD) Bus with Double Glass (DG).

High Deck Bus (HDD) with Double Glass (DG) is the next development of the SHD bus.  This bus applies the Chassis outside the SHD specifications, such as Hino type RN and Mercedes Benz type OH1526, one of the most striking differences on the SHD bus is the lower body and the same height as the HD body. Dimensions of the height of this bus are only 3700 mm 30 cm lower than the SHD bus.  The position of the High Deck Bus Wiper with Double Glass is on the top or on the roof, and there is only one wiper.  Border divider windshield there is a box cut above the thinner fender wheel.  Likewise the distance of the rear glass with the circulation hole on the bus is narrower.

For the interior of the High Deck Bus with Double Glass there is a seat configuration of 2-2 or it can also be 2-3 equipped with classy features. Cabin interior design, including installation of panels and interior components, looks neat. The driver's dashboard has a simple but elegant design.  As a bus with a high deck, above the average standard deck height, passenger access from the front, footrests for riding are designed to be more comfortable to get around the steep impression.

Double Decker (DD) A bus with two floors.

Double Decker or also known as DD bus is a bus that is becoming a trend, currently Double Decker buses are more in demand for tourism purposes. There is even a top-level bus without a roof that allows passengers to enjoy the view more freely from above. Not only that, this one bus is also suitable for use as a public transportation that has high route demand because it can carry more passengers and save on fuel consumption.

This bus has a height of approximately 4150 mm with 2 deck levels connected by stairs.  DD buses on AKAP (Inter-Province City Transport) buses are more famous in Malaysia before this bus trend entered Indonesia.

The Double Decker Bus was first introduced by the Adiputro Karoseri Company at the Gaikindo (Indonesian Automotive Industries Association) event at the GIIAS (Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show) event in 2015 in conjunction with the SHD bus. In Indonesia Chassing that can be made for DD Buses is Mercedes Benz type OH2542, Man type R37 and Scania type K410iB.  Karoseri who now produce Doble Decker include Adiputro, New Armada, Rahayu Sentosa and Nusantara Gemilang.


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