Unveiling the Mystical Karanggetas Street in Cirebon: A Road Untouched by Presidents

Unveiling the Mystical Karanggetas Street in Cirebon A Road Untouched by Presidents

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But before we delve into the heart of Java, let’s uncover the secrets of a legendary street in Cirebon – Jalan Karanggetas.

Karanggetas Street in Cirebon

This enigmatic road is shrouded in mystery and myth, captivating the imaginations of locals and tourists alike. Picture this: a bustling thoroughfare, lined with shops, markets, and the occasional glimmer of gold. This is where our journey begins, where the mundane meets the mystical, and where presidents dare not roam. Yes, you heard it right—presidents!

Legend has it that Karanggetas Street holds a power so potent that even the highest echelons of power tremble at its mention. It’s said that any leader, any official who dares traverse its cobblestones is doomed to meet their downfall. Sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, right? But for the locals of Cirebon, it’s as real as the air they breathe.

Even Indonesia’s famed leader, President Soeharto, dared not defy its mystical aura. When he graced Cirebon with his presence, he wisely chose to steer clear of Karanggetas Street, opting for safer passage.

President Soeharto on Indonesian Bank Note
President Soeharto on Indonesian Bank Note

But what lies at the heart of this myth?

The story goes back to the 15th century, when a proud warrior named Syekh Magelung Sakti challenged anyone to cut his seemingly invincible hair. No weapon could tame his mane, until the revered Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the Wali Songo, stepped forward. With a gentle touch, Sunan Gunung Jati severed Syekh Magelung Sakti’s hair, humbling the warrior and inspiring him to become a devoted follower.

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Today, Jalan Karanggetas is a bustling center of commerce, lined with bustling markets, shimmering malls, and a myriad of shops.

Interestingly, the street is also known for its remarkable safety. Despite being adorned with numerous gold and jewelry stores, Jalan Karanggetas has a reputation for being remarkably free of theft, a testament to its unique charm and protective aura.

The Historical or Sacred Site of Sheikh Magelung the Mighty
The Historical/Sacred Site of Sheikh Magelung the Mighty

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