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Adventure Private Tour To Explore The West Cave in Kebumen Central Java



Geographically, Kebumen Regency is located at 7 ° 27 ‘- 7 ° 50’ South Latitude and 109 ° 22 ‘- 109 ° 50’ East Longitude. The southern part of Kebumen Regency is lowland, while in the northern part it is in the form of mountains and hills which are part of the series of South Serayu Mountains. Meanwhile in the west of the Gombong region, there is the South Gombong Karst Region, a limestone mountain range stretching up to the south coast towards north-south. This area has more than one hundred cytalactite and stalagmite caves. Meanwhile the length of the beach is approximately 53 Km which is mostly a beach with the phenomenon of sand dune. The biggest rivers in Kebumen Regency are the Luk Ulo River, Jatinegara River, Karanganyar River, Kretek River, Kedungbener River, Kemit River, Gombong River, Ijo River, Kejawang River, and Medono River.

Area and usage
Agricultural land in the Kebumen area

Kebumen Regency has an area of 158,111, 50 ha or 1,581, 11 km² with conditions in some areas are coastal and mountainous areas, but most are lowland.
• Of the total area of Kebumen Regency, there were 49,768, 00 hectares or around 31, 04% as paddy fields and 108, 343.50 hectares or 68.96% as dry land.
• According to its usage, most of the rice fields are technically irrigated and almost all (46, 18%) can be planted twice a year, some in the form of rain-fed rice fields (37, 82%) which can be planted twice a year in several places, and 11, 25% of irrigated rice fields are half technical and simple.
• Dry land is used for buildings covering an area of 40,985, 00 hectares (37, 73%), moor / gardens covering 33,777, 00 hectares (33, 57%) and state forests covering 22,861, 00 hectares (21, 08%) and the remainder used for pasture, ponds, ponds, woody plants, as well as temporarily untreated land and other land.

People’s history
Kebumen City Square

Formerly, Kebumen was a duchy, which merged into the area of the Cirebon Sultanate (1430-1677), at that time, Sunan Gunung Djati, who spread the religion of Islam in West Java and parts of Central Java, had been bitten by rats, in the forest in this area. in 1553. Then, in 1830, Kebumen became a district which included the Bagelen Residency, then since 1901, when combined with the Kedu Residency, then Kebumen became a district, which included the Kedu Residency.
The name Kebumen is said to have originated from kabumian, which means a place for Kyai Bumi to live after being made an escape area of Prince Bumidirja or Pangeran Mangkubumi from Mataram on June 26, 1677, during the reign of Sunan Amangkurat I. Previously, this area was recorded in the national historical map as one of the patriotic milestones in the invasion of the Mataram soldiers in the time of Sultan Agung to the Dutch fortress in Batavia. At that time Kebumen was still named Panjer.
One of Pangeran Senopati’s great-grandchildren, Bagus Bodronolo, who was born in Karanglo Village, Panjer, at the request of Ki Suwarno, the Mataram envoy who served as logistics procurement officer managed to collect food from the people in this area by buying. The success of making a large granary for Mataram soldiers, as the Sultan Agung award, Ki Suwarno was then appointed Panjer Regent, while Bagus Bodronolo was sent to Batavia as a food guard.
Aside from the above figure, there is also a legendary figure with the name Joko Sangrib, he is the son of Pangeran Puger / Pakubuwono I from Mataram, where Joko Sangrib’s mother is still the sister-in-law of Demang Honggoyudo in Kuthawinangun. After growing up he had the name Tumenggung Honggowongso, he and Prince Wijil and Tumenggung Yosodipuro I managed to move the Kartosuro palace to the present city of Surakarta. On another occasion he also succeeded in extinguishing the rebellion in the Banyumas area, because of his later services by the Surakarta Palace he was appointed with the title Tumenggung Arungbinang I, according to the name of his father’s will. In the Babad Kebumen released by Patih Yogyakarta, many names in the Kebumen area are thanks to the proposal. In the “Mataram Babad” also mentioned Tumenggung Arungbinang I played a role in the Mataram / War Pangeran Mangkubumi war, at that time he served as Commander of the Soldiers in the Surakarta Karaton [3].

West Cave Tourism

Nature tourism is quite challenging and very interesting, because this West Cave Tourism has a depth that can not be determined, but only 6.1 km has been mapped. So that this tourist spot is safe enough to be explored.

The name West Cave is derived from the natural character around the cave, which is when strong winds from the inside direction often hit the mouth of the cave. The strong wind in Javanese is called the west wind so that the surrounding community names this cave with a western cave.

Take it easy to enter your cave will be guided by someone who is already used to guiding tourists who want to explore and explore the west cave. Each guide will show you cool places for you to capture the photos, and the guide will also explain about the history that has existed in this western cave tour.

But once the West Cave Tourism can be said to be quite extreme even though it’s actually safe, but you should be really mentally prepared before exploring this place, don’t let you complain when you enter the cave.

West Cave tourism has a type of cave that is quite unique, namely the track used to browse the cave in the form of water tracks. But calm the manager has provided safety tools such as buoys, helmets, and special caving shoes, besides the flashlight is also very important you can take it yourself or rent it.

What’s more interesting from the West Cave is that it has at least one hundred waterfalls located in the cave. The waterfall inside the cave is quite biased from an altitude of 8 meters, there is also a height of 32 meters so that people name the waterfall, Superman’s Big Sister.

Besides that the panorama of pointed rocks that protrude from above the ceiling of the cave or stalactite is very exotic and amazing, so we will not stop being grateful and amazed by this creation of God.