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Java Private Tour was founded by Edu & Zakaria, they are young entrepreneurs who are very energetic and passionate in doing adventure, their enthusiasm and travel activities that they often do inspire them to establish Java Private Tour.

Edu & Zakaria from Java Private Tour and his crew is ready to provide the best service to customers from all over the country to explore Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali.

Java Private Tour is a local company that is well known in foreign countries, this company is one of the Tourism and Transportation service providers, the segmentation of the tour is very unique because it can be adjusted to your liking, very suitable for those of you who like freedom.

Java Private Tour serves all kinds of tour activities, which suits with your passion, whether it’s Adventure Tour, Nature Tour, Culture Tour, Art Tour, Ecotourism, History Tour, Culinary Tour, Golf Tour, Business Travel, Interpreter, Car Rental with English Speaking Friendly and Experienced Driver, Tour Guide Services, Airport pick up and transfer, Tourism Bus with Tour Guide, and even our driver can be your private tour guide. or any special requests from you.

Java Private Tour invites you to wander in the land of Java and Bali, and feel the unique sensation of the most phenomenal private tour, starting from Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, and Bali

Starting from exploring the cosmopolitan city side, until then enjoying the city side that has never been touched by tourists, mingling and interacting with the local community so you can get to know more about the culture of the local community.

Java Private Tour is committed to introducing Indonesia to wise tourism, it can be said that some of our tour programs are Ecofriendly tourism and preserving nature, getting to know the local culture and trying to be responsible tourists are the travel menus provided by Java Private Tour.

Java Private Tour is engaged in services related to Tourism and Transportation, such as renting various types of cars, special bus rental services for tourism, driver and tour guide provider services and also language translator services.

One of the other excellent programs of the Java Private Tour is the theme of bringing you to explore nature, explore history, explore art and explore culture, enjoy a variety of environments, both natural environment, urban side that is far from modern impression but has its own uniqueness, rural areas with culture and customs that will certainly impress you, even we give you the opportunity to directly interact and learn about caring for environmental preservation, and interact with local communities with the wisdom of their local Indonesian culture.

Java Private Tour is the only Tour Company that is so highly committed to upholding the traditional Javanese-Balinese Culture in the eyes of the international community by opening up opportunities for international tourists to see and interact with Javanese-Balinese culture, art and social life.

Java Private Tour offers recreational services with a very interesting concept. Our service is specifically for recreation individuals, small groups or large groups who can choose where you want to go, and what kind of travel concept you want.

It could be interpreted that this private tour is made specifically for you and your friends or family in small groups or large groups without any other tourists that you don’t know. So it’s very personal.

One of the advantages offered by the Java Private Tour is the ease and flexibility of travel, you can be free to visit any place you and your group want, at what time you want to leave the hotel without being bound by the rules of time and travel schedule, and the great thing is you can choose the concept of travel according to your wishes and missions. For example, you want to shop for something that suits your budget (cheap), or visit a tourist destination that suits your interests, or try a culinary tour of traditional cuisine that is in a corner of the city that has not been touched by other tourists, and mingle with local residents.

Even the other service advantage from Java Private Tours is that you can choose the type of transportation you want according to your activity needs, starting from : Private Car Rental with English Speaking Friendly and Experienced Driver and our driver can be your personal tour guide, Tourism Bus with Tour Guide, even a motorcycle rental (scooter), or using a bicycle, or you want to feel more social life like the local people of Indonesia by using public transportation such as public buses, Ojek (scooter taxi) or train, so when you travel, you can find out the mobility and the activities of local residents and you can blend in and feel more of local wisdom.


Your Exclusive Gateway to Authentic Journeys

Java Private Tour stands as a beacon of uniqueness in the travel industry, providing independent tours that transcend the conventional. We take pride in being more than just a travel agency; we are your companions, ensuring that every step you take on the island of Java is a testament to genuine experiences and lasting friendships.

Unveiling the Distinctive Advantages of Java Private Tour

1. Personalized Connections, Not Transactions

Java Private Tour is not a mere intermediary; we are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration. Unlike typical travel agencies functioning as marketplaces, we handpick our team members. Every person you encounter, be it a guide, driver, or any other staff member, is not just an employee – they are an integral part of the Java Private Tour family. This ensures a level of accountability and personalization that is unmatched.

2. Tailored Experiences, Crafted Just for You

Our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences goes beyond the ordinary. We understand that each traveler is unique, seeking something special from their journey. Java Private Tour is dedicated to tailoring itineraries that align with your interests, preferences, and desires. Your journey is not predefined; it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with your stories and memories.

3. Quality Over Quantity – Every Time

In a world often driven by pricing wars, Java Private Tour stands firm in prioritizing quality, comfort, and safety over cost. We don’t engage in price-based competition; instead, we focus on creating an environment where you can immerse yourself in the true essence of Java without compromise. Your satisfaction and well-being are our primary concerns.

4. Security Beyond Boundaries

Traveling with Java Private Tour isn’t just about discovering Java’s wonders; it’s about doing so with peace of mind. Our commitment to your safety is unwavering. From certified and professional guides to a fleet of private vehicles designed for your comfort, we ensure that every element of your journey is secure. Feel at ease, knowing that you’re in the hands of trusted companions.

5. Building Relationships, Not Transactions

Java Private Tour’s philosophy revolves around more than just delivering a service – it’s about building lasting connections. When you choose Java Private Tour, you enter into a relationship where you’re not merely a client but a cherished guest. We believe in fostering friendships that outlast the journey itself, ensuring that you leave Java not just with memories but with friends who will accompany you on future adventures.

Trusted by Many, Including Embassy Staff

This commitment to building meaningful relationships has earned Java Private Tour the trust of numerous guests, including the esteemed staff of foreign embassies. Our dedication to personalized service and genuine connections has resonated with diplomats and embassy personnel from friendly nations. They have chosen Java Private Tour as their preferred travel companion, a testament to the authenticity and reliability embedded in our approach.

At Java Private Tour, our relationships extend beyond the surface, forging connections that endure, just like the memories we create together. Join us on a journey where trust is earned, friendships are cultivated, and every traveler is welcomed into the Java Private Tour family.

In conclusion, Java Private Tour invites you to embrace a travel experience where the emphasis is on quality, comfort, and connection. Visit Java as a guest, and leave as a friend – that’s the promise we extend to every traveler seeking a journey beyond the ordinary.

You Come As A Guest And Leave As A Friend

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From memorable adventures to outstanding customer care, hear the voices of those who have entrusted us with their travel dreams. Get inspired by their stories and let their words ignite your wanderlust. Dive into our testimonial and see why we are the preferred choice for discerning travelers

Based on 66 reviews
23 October 2023
Prompt responses, punctual, polite and flexible If you are looking for a journey through the marvellous island of Java, look no further. I cannot speak highly enough for these guys. Edu from Day 1 was prompt in coordinating the itinerary, being transparent and providing valuable ideas & recommendations for the trip. We just concluded the trip with one of the drivers Arif who was fabulous. Comfortable, safe, flexible, knowledgeable. All the things one could want. He knew when to speak and contribute and when to give us our privacy without needing to ever ask. They really know every corner of the island well and whenever we changed plans or requested for additional things to see, they were always flexible without touting a single bit. Even for souvenirs, they brought us to the authentic studios and factories instead of tourist traps. Would recommend them without any hesitation.
29 July 2023
Great orga, committed staff and you are in good hands for private tours We had an organised two week private tour with Java private Tours starting from Jakarta and ending in Bali (july 2023) for a family with 4 persons. Everything very good. Upfront discussion with Edu about the tour details was straight forward and responsive. We booked with Java Private Tour the transport incl Driver + Guide. I managed separately the hotels. We saw fantastic places. Our guide Iwan was excellent, experienced and very customer focused. The car was ok and in good shape. Driver was perfect. We agreed upfront that in Bali a second team from Java Private Tour would take over. It went very well and our Bali Guide Kerana was as good as Iwan. Overall i can recommend very much Edu and his company for private tours. Great orga, committed staff and you are in good hands.
Andreas J
Andreas J
15 July 2023
A Reliable and Professional Bus Rental Service, Good Job Java Private Tour! I had an amazing experience with Java Private Tour, a professional bus rental company for family and friends' vacations from Java to Bali. They provided exceptional service from the moment we were picked up at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The team, led by Ridwan, was incredibly friendly and proficient in English, which made communication easy throughout the trip. They were not only courteous but also knowledgeable about the destinations we visited, providing valuable insights and enhancing our overall experience. The bus we traveled in was comfortable and well-maintained. It made our journey enjoyable, and we felt safe and at ease throughout the ride. I highly recommend Java Private Tour for anyone seeking a reliable and professional bus rental service. The team's friendliness, English proficiency, and comfortable buses made our vacation from Java to Bali truly memorable. Thank you, Java Private Tour!
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson
9 July 2023
Awesome Private Tour & Airport Transfer with Java Private Tour! I have to say, Java Private Tour really went above and beyond with their private tour and airport transfer services when we travel to Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung. They completely exceeded my expectations, and I can't recommend them enough. Right from the start, their airport pick-up and drop-off service was seamless. I was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. They made sure everything went smoothly, and I felt well taken care of. The tour itself was amazing. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable and tailored the itinerary to my preferences. They didn't just stick to the usual tourist spots but also showed me some hidden gems that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. It made the whole experience so much more authentic and enjoyable. Thanks Edu and Java Private Tour team, keep up the good work!
Ben R
Ben R
17 April 2023
Excellent service, well worth the money. Just arrived home after spending 11 days touring across Java with Edu and his assistant Ridwan. Both guys were fantastic and made our holiday incredibly memorable. They were always flexible on the daily schedule and took excellent care of us whilst simultaneously teaching us about local customs and how to interact with locals. We learned so much over such a short time and we can't wait to return for another holiday in the future. We'll definitely be using these guys again. Miss you both!
Esther W
Esther W
8 August 2022
Professional, friendly and helpful team Edu and his team were professional, friendly and helpful. They’ve made our first time in West Java a fun and memorable one. Thanks, and we’ll be back for more!
29 July 2022
Mount Sindoro & Mount Merbabu ; HIGHLY FLEXIBLE TRIP I did Sindoro & Merbabu hike trip with Agus and Reo in Yogyakarta. They're really kind to me and the trip was so FLEXIBLE. I was able to change my itinerary (which mountain to climb) even if the hike was on the next day. Beside being great guides, they're great drivers also. Great work Agus, Reo, and Edu, the chief of JPT. Let's keep it up!
Jamie Y
Jamie Y
13 July 2022
Exemplary service that allows you to fit many destinations into a short amount of time I created a custom tour through Java Private tours from Bali ending in Surabaya that included Mt. Ijen, Madakaripura waterfall, Mt. Bromo, and Tumpak Sewu waterfall, all within 2 days and 2 nights. Everything went very smoothly and it was a huge load off of me for everything to be planned out, especially as all of these attractions are far away from each other and I only had a limited amount of time in Java. My driving team, Arie and Dayang, did an incredible job of getting me to everywhere I wanted, despite landslides and major road closures.
grainne v
grainne v
15 June 2022
Exceptional service I cannot say enough good things about this company, especially Edu and Ridwan. They created a fantastic 'nostalgia tour" for my 85 year old mother who has not been back since 1946. They went above and beyond to find places my mother remembered and brought us to neighborhoods, cafe's, street stands and restaurants that triggered fantastic memories for her. They followed up with us after our tour of Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung and made sure we had good service from their counterparts in Bali. exceptional service! I will recommend them to everyone!
22 October 2021
Best Recommendation for Private Family Tour Organizer in Bogor Bandung and Car Rental in Bandung Bogor Thank you to Java Private Tour for arranging all the planning for my family's tour needs, starting from providing a car for airport shuttle transportation, traveling around Bogor and Bandung cities and the Puncak Bogor mountain area, arranging tourist destinations in the Bandung and Bogor areas, giving the best crew as a guide to accompanying us to introduce every side of Bogor City and Bandung City, and also recommending the best lodging in Bogor and Bandung according to the wishes of my Family. I am very impressed with the Java Private Tour service, especially regarding the honesty, the Java Private Tour could have arranged for us all at once in terms of lodging, but the owner Mr. Edu gave us the flexibility to book ourselves for the lodging that my family wanted, because the price would be far cheaper and will be more transparent without hidden fees, Edu is very patient in serving any questions and requests related to various things, and Edu is able to provide the best recommendations on various other interesting things in Bandung City and Bogor City, starting from Nature Tourism for families, education for children about art and culture, flora and fauna, and introducing traditional Sundanese cuisine. Always success for Java Private Tour, as a form of my gratitude because Java Private Tour has given the best to my family, so I will always help recommend Java Private Tour to anyone who wants to explore Bandung City and Bogor City.


Experience the essence of travel with us and let us become a cherished part of your remarkable adventures. Remember us as your gateway to endless exploration and treasured moments.

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